Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact: For fans of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR

The Marriage Pact has a fun premise. Jake and Alice are newlyweds, and they've been invited to join an exclusive group called the Pact- a group that promotes marriage and helps its members build stronger relationships. It does seem a little complicated though- you have to be sponsored, there are contracts to sign, and apparently lots of rules. Why would anyone do it? Well Alice is a newly minted attorney at a nice firm, her sponsor is a distinguished gentleman who does big business with the firm, and after a presentation her and Jake feel like it's no big deal. They're a little amused by it all and they do want a strong marriage, right? So they sign the contracts and move on. 

There's a lot to like, after all. The Pact encourages its members to take trips every quarter, to buy each other gifts, and there are also quarterly meetings where the local members all get together for a party. The point is to be supportive of each other and encourage each other to make their marriage a priority. Unfortunately, there are consequences for breaking the rules- and Jake and Alice soon discover it's not hard to get in trouble. They have a strong relationship and are committed, but at their first meeting Jake is astonished to see an old friend from college there. JoAnne is a member of the Pact as well, but she doesn't seem happy. In fact, she tells him she would have warned him if she'd known he was joining, but now it's too late.  

Too late? That seems dramatic, but Jake soon learns that no one leaves The Pact. The group has people everywhere, it seems, and there is no quitting. Jake and Alice are soon thoroughly disillusioned but find that there is no way out. And now they're being watched closer than ever. 

This book was so over the top but it was fun too. I had to see what would happen. And it gets wilder as it goes, and yes less realistic as well- would some of this really happen? But I had a lot of fun seeing what kind of crazy happened next. The Pact reaches into every aspect of their lives and they get more and more desperate as there appears to be no way out. 

I liked the issues this book raised about relationships and choices, and how people change. Are you the same person you were in college? Do you want to go back to who you were, or maybe find a way to be true to who you were then and now? We all change and grow, and relationships do too, and it effectively examines those contradictions of life. This was a page turner, and even though I laughed a few times at how over the top it got, it was a very fun read. 


  1. This Pact sounds almsot like a Stepford club, but I know what you mean when over the top becomes a fun read!

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  2. It does sound thought provoking, but I think the non realism of it would put me off :( It's unusual that a thriller would takes things way over the top! I mean, I don't think I've ever read one where things are totally unrealistic. They generally seem to be quite grounded and in the real world with real life problems.

    Great review, Greg :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  3. The premise is different and unique, that's for sure. The cover makes this come across as a suspenseful novel rather than a fun one.

  4. This sounds great, it's nice every once in a while to read an over the top book. Sometimes life is just too serious!

  5. I was waiting for your review on this one, and it sounds like a really fun read. Sometimes a little escapism is what's needed in a read, so I'm cool with this being over the top a little. Even still, there's a message. Cool review! Hugs...RO

  6. The Pact sounds like a cult! In theory it might be nice, but marriages are so personal, I don't know that I'd want other people knowing my business and judging me! It raises some interesting questions, though!

  7. The Pact sounds creepy and I'm not sure I could deal with that much intervention! This sounds like quite a read and I like the questions it brings up!

  8. "no one leaves The Pact" huh? I LOVE stories like that! were people got more than they bargained for and are now trapped :)

  9. You’re a lot more patient than I am. I bet the wild craziness would have annoyed me.

  10. Current me does not want to meet college me - although I could share a few things with her. I did not like The Couple Next Door and for me, that analogy is the kiss of death for this book! I am curious about this Pact thing though.

  11. Seems intriguing. I'm sure the unrealistic nature might bother some, but I think it would be a fun read overall. LOL


  12. What an interesting premise for a book.

  13. Oh man, you should have known better than to join The pact

  14. I skimmed your review because I have this book somewhere and hoping to read it. Oh that cover tho ! I love this one.

  15. This sounds very interesting. You have my attention. I like that it makes you think.

  16. This one sounds so good. I need to read it sooner rather than later. I'm going to go see if it's available at my library right now.

  17. It sounds weirdly interesting. Thanks for sharing your review. ☺

  18. Well, this is certainly an interesting and unique premise! It almost sounds like a cult. And I do love a cult-y book. But I definitely have trouble with the WHY anyone would want to do this thing? I feel (and this probably doesn't say great stuff about me as a person) that I am most curious about what the punishments are? And like why this is a thing, actually- like, are the leaders scamming for money? Are they just horrible people who want to torture others? Your review has made me want to read this ridiculous book I had no interest in before I read your review! I mean, great job as a reviewer, but damn it, my TBR does not thank you. :D

  19. Nowadays I think anything can happen! I was interested in this book because of the cover (seen it on your blog before I reckon and other blogs), but now your review really intrigued me. It's an entire cult which somehow reminds me of Scientology - as to it's hard to get out and all that. I will definitely try to look for it!

  20. I feel like this is meant to be suspenseful, but ended up being more humorous instead! If I didn't know anything about this book, I *might* finish it just to see what happens, but now that I know... it doesn't sound like something I would want to read. Over-the-top has its time and place, but not if I'm expecting it. (Does that make sense?)

    Do You Dog-ear?

  21. So it's like a marriage cult? Sounds interesting, and I am someone, who is OK with OTT, as long as it's an enjoyable ride, and this seems to fit the bill.

  22. It does sounds plenty dramatic and unrealistic, but sometimes over the top works and it’s fun to just go with it. :)

  23. I found this to be incredibly unrealistic but at the same time fabulous at points. Fab review! :-)

  24. Oh wow! This sounds a bit intense...

  25. Usually a book has to be in the believable range for me to enjoy it. Over the top would just have me rolling eyes and saying: come on! Sounds like you had fun with this one, though. :)

  26. This is a great premise and even though its over the top it sounds like it makes for a good read. Great review!

  27. I read another of the author's books and really liked it, and I am curious about this one. It does sound fun, even if over the top at times. :-)

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