Friday, March 24, 2023

Sunday Post #497

So do you ever look back at old blog posts and think- my old posts are better? I did that this week. I posted a repost of some fan fiction, and while it's not my favorite piece of writing, it did remind me of when I wrote more. And like I mentioned a few weeks back, I want to repost some old things that no one has seen- or got, like, 3 comments. Anyway, like I mentioned also I guess my ten year anniversary is arrived. I started in August of 12 but REALLY started posting in March the following year.   

In other news I saw the movie 65 this week and... 🤣

sean penn 80s GIF

Here is this week's lyric. 

A new day is breaking  
The road is calling today is the day        

Here is the lyric f/ last week and the answer      

I was so lonely until I met you 
Told myself I'd get by without love    

   Song of the week