Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Return To Aldebaran

Return to Aldebaran: Episode 1
Return to Aldebaran is such a pleasant surprise. I'm a huge fan of Leo's Aldebaran cycle- a multi- volume graphic novel series from Cinebook- and after finishing the last sequence I wasn't sure if the story would continue. Imagine my delight when I discovered Return to Aldebaran Vol. 1. The basic gist of the series is that humanity has colonized a couple of worlds in the not-so-distant future, and have also made contact with an alien race- the Tsalterians. The aliens are a lot more advanced, however, and after observing humanity for some time have decided to limit all contact to one person- Kim Keller, the protagonist of the series. She was born on Aldebaran, the first colony established by humans on another planet, and she came to know the Tsalterians and even have a child with one.   

Most of the books in the Aldebaran cycle are about Kim and her adventures, but the spin- off series The Survivors introduced Marie and Alex, survivors of an ill- fated colonization attempt. They crashed on a planet and had adventures of their own, including temporal storms that caused them to move forward over one hundred years in time, but they are now contemporaries of Kim, and indeed meet her in this one. Leo is bringing all the strands together- Kim and Marie become friends in this one, with Marie even becoming her bodyguard after two assassination attempts on Kim, and we also are learning more about the mysterious cube structure that was found on the western continent of Aldebaran. 

Kim, for various reasons, is just about the only human the Tsalterians trust (for good reasons, it must be said)- indeed it appears that a central theme of this sequence is going to be how humans react when confronted with a superior species. Humanity has everything to gain yet the bulk of the population seems preoccupied with the aloof nature of the Tsalterians, and the fact that they spurn government-to-government contact. The fact that they only want to deal with Kim is not well regarded by the humans, and Leo may be making a not so subtle dig at the xenophobia we see in the current state of world affairs. To be honest, I liked this, and while I was dismayed at some of the humans' actions, it seems depressingly realistic. 

The other thing going on here, as mentioned earlier, is a standard exploration story- humans (with assistance from the aliens) going through a portal in the cube structure to another world. Leo excels at portraying these other worlds- the planets explored in earlier sequences, such as Antares and Betelgeuse, were so fun to see realized on the page, and clearly here we're going to get more of the same. Naturally, things do not go well on the other side, and the volume ends with a cliffhanger as Marie is captured and Kim has to come back through the portal for assistance, only to find things have gotten worse in her short absence. Meanwhile, on the other side, the rest of the team sets up camp and prepares to look for Marie.   

I love this whole series- the earlier Aldebaran stories, as well as The Survivors spin- off and especially the Betelgeuse sequence- and revisiting these characters (and having them all, finally, together) was like seeing old friends. I honestly think some of the most thoughtful science fiction is being done in books like this right now, and this is one of my favorite ongoing SF stories. I can't recommend this highly enough. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Corner Boxes

This post is a bit different. Does anyone remember the corner boxes that used to adorn older comics? Up in the left hand corner, usually- Marvel and some of the other publishers used them for brand identification, I guess, or who knows why, but they were kinda cool. And then, like so many other traditions, they kinda faded away. So I thought I'd bring 'em back- or at least a few. It's amazing the rabbit hole you can fall down when you start looking this stuff up! There's a ton of these on Pinterest and just wherever on the Internets. 

So here are some of my favorites. Which ones do you like?      

Marvel Chillers corner box art featuring Tigra 

Image result for thor corner box

Marvel corner box art - Black Panther

Marvel Presents corner box art - the (original) Guardians of the Galaxy
Corner Box from Uncanny X-Men #129 (1980) I never understood why John Byrne did not include PHOENIX in this.  She was the only thing missing.-David M.
Marvel corner box art - Red Sonja

Marvel corner box art - Nova

Black Panther Corner BoxBlack Panther Vol. 2 #3 (September 1988) By Denys Cowan

Image result for vision corner box marvel comics 

Vintage Marvel corner box art - Tower of Shadows

Marvel corner box art - Howard the Duck

Avengers (1963-1996) #181 

RG Cameron Oct 24 Illo #7 'Arena'

shadowcat. kitty pryde.

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Tuesday Tagline #170

 Ace Double F113 Fontenay Rebels of Red Planet McIntosh 200 Years to Christmas

Was he man, mutant, or Martian?    

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This week is a free topic- yay! Although to be honest this made it really hard for me, cause I was like- gah what should I do? I almost skipped for that reason. But being the dutiful blogger that I am I persevered and decided to go with... comic and graphic novel covers. Some of my favorites, many of which have been sitting in my "drafts" folder waiting to be used. Some of these are tongue in cheek, some are more on the "scary" side, but they're all fun I think.    

Image result for secrets of young brides 24 comic cover

Vampironica: New Blood #1

Betelgeuse Vol. 1: The Survivors

Mermaid Project Vol. 4

Namibia Vol. 5

Lady S. Vol. 1: Here's to Suzie

Le Monde Perdu Vol. 1

Golden City Vol. 7: The Lost Children

Legion of Monsters: Morbius (2007) #1

Red Sonja Vol. 4 #9

Alex + Ada #9

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Song Lyrics #28

This week I'm looking at Fire Woman by The Cult. Pretty straightforward I'm thinking- not a big secret what this one is about lol. They could have just said "she's hot" for 4 minutes or so. But nah this is way more fun- and honestly there are some nice lyrical touches here. "Prancing like a cat on a hot tin shack"? Seriously. There's are a few moments like that here that sorta distinguish it from a lot of ooh baby songs. Anyway give it a lesson, or if you're a fan of this one like me- crank it up. :)   

So what do you think?   


Wound up, can't sleep, can't do anything right, little honey 
Oh since I set my eyes on you 
I tell you the truth 
Twistin like a flame in a slow dance baby 
You're driving me crazy 
Come on, honey, come on now 

Fire, smoke she is a rising 
Fire, yeah smoke on the horizon 
Fire, smoke she is a rising 
Fire, oh smoke stack lightning, smoke stack lightning 

Well shake it up you're to blame got me swayin little honey
My heart's a ball of burning flame 
Oh yes it is 
Prancing like a cat on a hot tin shack
Lord, have mercy come on little sister, come on and shake it

Fire, smoke she is a rising 
Fire, oh smoke on the horizon
Fire, smoke she is a rising 
Fire, oh smoke stack lightning baby 

I was thinking what I've been missing 
I'll tell you truthfully, well
She's coming close now 
Oh I can feel her
She's getting close to me
And I never, yeah

Fire, smoke she is a rising 
Fire, oh smoke on the horizon
Fire smoke she is a rising, rising, rising fire
Smokestack lightning 

Burning out
And shake it baby
Come on and burn it 
I say, send down fire to me
Say, send down fire to me, say send down fire to me yeah

Fire woman, you're to blame
Fire woman, you're to blame
Fire woman, you're to blame 
Fire woman, you're to blame 

Friday, December 6, 2019

Sunday Post #327

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Happy Christmas season everyone! Yes it is here and I am happy to report that I have started Christmas shopping. Yay me. And to everyone who's done already- boo!     

Thanks to everyone who shared favorite Christmas memories last week. That was fun! This week I was super excited to see one of my favorite graphic novel series continuing- the French/ Belgian series Return to Aldebaran was released recently. I had a blast revisiting these characters and my review will be Thursday. My reading is still in the hole unfortunately- I'm just not super motivated to pick up a book- but it's the holiday season so whatever.     

Image result for peanuts gif

Also this week I started The Stranded, a Thai series on Netflix. Anyone watching? 

Songs from the DeepReturn to Aldebaran: Episode 1

Song of the week



The Perfect Wife


Sangre Vol. 1: Sangre la Survivante

So I thought I'd mini- review reads I don't feel like doing the full song and dance on. First up- Sangre Vol. 1. A French- Belgian comic from Soleil and it was free on ComiXology Unlimited. This was okay, kind of your standard revenge- porn? Girl sees her family murdered by marauders, swears revenge, and eventually gets it. Or some of it- it's only Vol. 1 so you know there's more killing to come! A pretty standard story, but the draw here is the art- it's a compelling, lushly rendered fantasy world with a perhaps slightly French inspiration? Not essential reading, but not bad if you're looking for something to pass some time. 



Far Cry: New Dawn 

Back Home II

Japanese summer

Ocean beachside

Old house night

Image result for bad kitty cat dave seguin

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