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Writing prompts:

By day the hum of insects and the chattering of monkeys were ever- present, although if one were quiet she might hear the sound of dislodged pebbles, or see a shadow darting through the ruins, almost as if she were being followed. At night however the city truly came alive, with strange lights in the high towers, and the occasional sound of chanting punctuated by blood- curdling shrieks. 

Inspired by the lost city of Opar in the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also a visual inspiration here.

The rain began to fall as they faced the cavernous entrance. The entry hall was dim, but they could see torches flaring and hear the sounds of revelry. This ancient structure had been many things in its time- a monastery, a fortress, even a refuge for outlaws. Large parts of it were abandoned, the echoing halls a testament to the skill of long- dead builders. Some enterprising soul, however, had endeavored to bring light from darkness, and the tavern just off the entry hall was born. 

Drunken revelers and abandoned, shadow- haunted halls didn't always mix though. No one knew where the great gateway to the caves beneath ultimately led, but many set forth to find out. Some of them even returned. 

Inspired by this image.

She stepped closer to the Gate and could hear it humming, the power rolling off it in waves, like heat distortion on hot pavement. Occasionally little flashes of electricity would spark from it, and she could see images of other places flickering within. The bridge didn't extend all the way to the shimmering portal, but she would have to find a way to reach it if she were to leave this place, and leave she must. All around her rose the pillars, reminders of the thriving city that had once been here, before the waves took it. Other structures broke the surface as well, as if to take one last breath before being submerged. 

Inspired by this image

The rain fell in sheets as the fire crackled, and I shivered against the cold. Occasionally gusts would blow rain in sideways and the fire would pop and hiss. No one said much, just huddled closer in a vain attempt to dry out, stay warm. All it did was rain, seemed like, anything else was a distant memory. At least we had a tarp to keep the water off. There was an explosion from below, followed by wailing, but that was nothing new. I think by now we barely noticed. 

Inspired by Homeless

Sweat trickled down her forehead and for a moment she forgot the buzzing of insects, the biting of gnats, as she stared into the temple threshold. Somehow she could sense it was cooler within, and the quiet of it appealed as well, after the shrieks and cacophony of the jungle. The two guardians to either side of the entrance were so weathered as to be almost unrecognizable, and the vines hanging down added to the foreboding quality of the place. But there was a strange light within- and how could they turn back now? 

The air was thick and alive with insects as he trudged through the fetid water. To all sides rose the crumbling ruins of the ancient city, now overgrown and desolate. The water sloshing as he moved along made him wary- he was making too much noise-  but surely there was nothing left here to fear? At one time, yes, but no longer. Nevertheless he shivered in spite of the heat  as he passed the obscene statue of some elder god- a grim reminder of the city's dark heritage. There was a time when the croakings and chantings would warn of atrocites to come, with the fall of night, but surely that time was past? 

Inspired by Swamp City

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