Friday, May 7, 2021

Sunday Post #401

So how is it May 7th already? I'm posting this on Friday night and getting ready for a night walk through Osaka - Virtual Japan is premiering a livestream tonight. You can watch live or after the livestream he posts it as a regular video. The livestreams are fun because he chats with viewers and you learn a lot. This week was good, I have lots of tweets I came across so in addition to the usual discussion tweet I included a few more below.  

I HAD to share this.

Anyway... here's the livestream premiere.    

I'm liking the idea of sharing a tweet occasionally to generate discussion.

Song of the week



I'm going to close with a couple more amazing walks. This first one is awesome and the streamer again talks with the audience so it's lotsa fun. Highlights include a protest at 6:43 for Myanmar and a beautiful fountain at 1:01:54. 

The second is Mario so it's amazing. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Fear 27

Morbius and his lost love Martine have been reunited and she has rented a mansion outside Boston for him to pursue his research. The CIA, meanwhile, has taken note of Morbius' recent killings and is employing someone to hunt him down. Someone named Simon Stroud. Morbius, sadly, loses control of his bloodthirstiness and almost victimizes Martine, but at the last minute breaks away and goes hunting for some other unfortunate victim. He finds a victim, and Stroud finds something else. A victim... but not the one Morbs made. Is there some other vampire running about? 

Stroud visits Morbs' victim (she lived) and is trying to determine if she's a vamp now. And I feel like we're getting an evolution in Morbius' character now that we have a new writer. Morbius tells Martine that it's not enough for him to subsist on plasma or a transfusion- he needs to feel his fangs breaking flesh, he needs the rush of the kill. This appears to be a change from how he was previously written? Also he tells her that only religion and remorse separate him from being a true vampire. 

Stroud breaks into the place where Morbs is staying and shoots him, but Martine helps Morbius escape. She gets arrested for her trouble though, and that's where this one calls it quits. An interesting story- feels very 70's vampire noir. A complete 180 from the science fiction storyline of the last few installments. I like it for the most part.  

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

To Love Is Human #7

Joy and I were at the coffee shop trying to figure out what to do next. Things were a bit... awkward. 

"What do you mean you met with her?" 
"I needed to know some things. And what do you mean, 'we didn't do anything?'  That's not what she tells me."
"Well, we're not now. I'm sorry. What am I going to say, the pleasure synth woke me up with a fucking but it won't happen again? It won't, though." 
"Oh, that's reassuring to know," Joy replied sarcastically. 
"Listen, I am sorry. I know we're feeling our way here. For what it's worth, I am committed to... whatever we have, and I want to have something. If you do. Maia is a different thing, and we... I... need to figure out what to do there." 
"Why did you get Maia?" 
I sighed. 
"Okay, so... I don't even know. As you know, my last relationship ended... poorly, and I was in a weird space. Synths were just coming out everywhere, and I didn't want the whole song and dance of another relationship, all the guesswork. Dating sites, games. I just wanted... a companion, not just for sex, but someone to sit on the couch with and just... be. 
"I was going to say, they're not cheap."
"No, they're not. As you know I inherited some money from my grandparents, but still... it was sort of an eff you to everything at the time." 
"I can understand that, I suppose."
"That, and I'll be honest. You hear the things, and I thought- what if she's real? You know, in a sense. Not just an appliance. What if... she becomes something or someone else?
"You were thinking about that?"

My phone went off. Glancing at it, I saw that it was Maia.

"There's been an explosion. A bombing, I guess. In Richmond. I'm worried."
"I'll be right there, stay indoors. I'm with Joy, be there soon." 
She was texting back but then stopped. Shit.

"We gotta go. Something is happening."
"Yeah, looks like a terrorist bombing in Richmond. Some are saying it's People First, that they hit a synth facility?"
"Are you worried about Maia?"
"I am. Some of my neighbors have been, let's say less than charitable about this whole thing. How they even know is beyond me." 
"Let's hit it then."

We got home and Maia was waiting by the door. She hugged Joy and we gathered around the TV to see what was happening. Not good. A huge explosion, smoke billowing everywhere. Casualties. 
"I'm worried," said Maia. "I can't leave the house. One of your neighbors put one of those signs out." 
"They're assholes. I'm sorry about that. But you're with us, we're not going to let anything happen to you."
What can you do, though?" She indicated the TV. "There is hate out there."
"Yes, you're right. But you have a right to be here."
"That's sweet." She raised her hand to my cheek. "You can't protect me from everything, though."
"What are you saying?"

"I don't know if I can stay here." 

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet- here's a synth user guide.  

Also here's a handy recall notice for when, you know, synths develop glitches.