Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Travelers 01x05

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A misfire is apparently when overwriting a host doen't go well. We have a family being overwritten but one of the kids doesn't... take. And then- it's always bad when you're driving and get side smashed... by a semi. The team wakes up imprisoned- by some unknown party- and their comms were cut out. Well, the whole team except Mac. He's still free. And before the hit they were talking about how misfires were 30% of transfers in the early days- a little bit of Traveler lore. 

They're cathetered too. 

So their captors ask questions like When are you from? That isn't creepy. Marcy gets questions like- Does David know? They have a camera in David's apartment. Philip, meanwhile, was dosed with something that makes him talk. A Helios tidal wave is mentioned. 

Mac desperately contacts another agent who, rather ominously, tells him that she's seen entire teams disappear- taken out. By other teams under orders? Boyd tells him maybe he's next. Mac relates that they have a pending mission that requires six people, minimum, to do. 

I like her. 

She hopes it's not the Director. 

Philip gets shot on screen and Marcy goes into a seizure. 

The Traveler Mac is supposed to meet arrives and Mac has to cancel. 

Wait... would that work, really? 

Mac gets a ping on the network and finds everybody- and they wonder was the mission they canceled the point of it all? 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Sunday Post #465

The good news is... Dorothy is coming to town! Some of you may remember her concert here in spring- she is back in a month and I will be there. And going back again through older posts I discovered this interview of me! You can find that at Jenn Renee Reads. Let's see... in other news I saw Prey this week. Anyone see that? 

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