Friday, June 28, 2019

Sunday Post #304

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So last week Sophie at Beware of the Reader posted a quiz about which book to read for your personality type. I'm an INFP and my results were Love From A To Z and Girls With Sharp Sticks. I loved GwSS so naturally I was thrilled. Also, apparently INFP's are only 4% of the population? This quote in particular caught my attention. "Fantasy worlds in particular fascinate Mediators more than any other personality type." Okay, that seems like a very general statement, but I did find myself nodding as I've always loved fantasy. And, honestly, just like horoscopes- it all seems very accurate (although I imagine the personality stuff has a wee more science behind it, right?) 

So what's your personality type? Have you taken the Myers- Briggs or some other test? I think it's fascinating. This site is kinda cool if you're an introvert- the only downside is I did get prompts to take a personalty quiz from them and I don't want to sign up for email stuff- so just ignore that if you're so inclined. And here's the quiz Sophie posted.    

The World Cup continues! The US squeaked by a tough Spain earlier in the week, although not without controversy, and Friday they advanced after a killer game with France. I felt bad for France, they're such a good team, but Megan Rapinoe- wow.  

Baldur's Gate update: I freed Branwen from her petrification at the Nashkel carnival and she's been a solid addition to the group. I also added Ajantis, a paladin, so I'm at full strength now in terms of party members. I've been ranging the Sword Coast doing side quests and whatnot, although last night I started Chapter Three. Since I've never actually finished the game (I think I played through Chapter Four), I'm really looking forward to entering the city of Baldur's Gate in Chapter Five and experiencing the wonders of the city.  

RecursionLimited Wish (Impossible Times, #2)The Girl in Red

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