Friday, February 28, 2020

Sunday Post #339


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Lots of stuff this week. The big news for me is Tales From The Loop- the trailer is here (Amazon Prime) and this looks FANTASTIC. I'm a big fan of the book.  

So a while back I was doing a Movies That suck post and lamented the fact that my chosen movie- The Lost Continent- was not available to stream or on DVD/ Blu-ray. So I had to review something else. Well, guess what? I saw this week that The Lost Continent, in all its B-movie trashiness, is coming to Blu-ray in April. Yes! I will, of course, be giving it the Movies That Suck treatment promptly upon release.

The Lost Continent (1968) [Blu-ray]

In other news someone on Twitters mentioned an old post and when I looked back there was all this spam on it!   

Here are some highlights.    

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  laugh laughing GIF by Madelaine Petsch

Songs from the DeepThe Andromeda Evolution (Andromeda #2)To Be Taught, If Fortunate

Song of the week


Robert Maguire


Good Girls Lie


Some of you may remember a while ago I was watching the Let's Play Sea of Thieves videos. Honestly, these are hilarious. I often have them on in the background while I'm doing something else, and then all of a sudden everyone is screaming and cursing and like throwing up or fighting krakens or something. Also, pirate drunkenness.  

Joe Satriani has new music out. I love his sense of humor. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Girls #6

Girls #6

So we have a giant sperm in a cornfield. What? The guys have found Ma Pickett (dead) and... this thing just hanging out in the cornfield. 

Girls #6

That doesn't go well though. Avoid sperm things in the cornfield people. So they book their asses outta there and back to the town where Wes has trouble enunciating exactly what happened, so Rob blurts out 

"We found this-- this thing. This big fuckin' sperm- thing! It... it killed them!"

You don't hear that everyday. Anyway Wes decides to evacuate the town and everyone heads out. Disturbingly, even the animals are leaving. Elk and deer on the roads, dead birds... and when they get to the bridge they find Cole's parents dead, their car just sitting there like it ran into something. Actually, it did. The reverend is looking about and runs into something. An invisible wall? Cutting the bridge off from the outside world. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Tuesday Tagline

Image result for one by one fan nichols"

Dolly had less morals than an alley cat  

     Aww that seems harsh.      

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This week is Characters I'd Follow on Social Media but I'm not feeling that so this week is a rogue topic. How about... some of my favorite graphic novel/ comics covers? Sure.  

Scooby Apocalypse #24 Review

Golden City Vol. 1: Wreck Raiders

Girls #7

Image result for namibia #5 comic cover image

Image result for red sonja 15 incentive seduction mirko colak art

Bikini Atoll

So apparently Bikini Atoll is a slasher comic featuring bimbos in bikinis being devoured by crazy ass sharks and degenerate mutants. Their description not mine lol! 

Alex + ADA: The Complete Collection

The Black Island (Tintin, #7)

Image result for falling in love 104 comic cover pinterest

Romantic Story #92 (1968). Cover art: Unknown -- The Best UNDERWATER Comic Book Covers -  A collection of some of the top underwater comic book covers ever created.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Song Lyrics #32

A little Sammy Hagar this week. Love this song- who can't relate to a breakup or having optimism that love will come again?     

You do what you wanna do
I'll leave it all up to you
In time I'll find love again

Hot love growin cold
Just when you thought you'd found a heart of gold 
Looks like I've been fooled again

Oh but it's all right with me now
I'll get back up somehow
And with a little luck I'm bound to win 
And I'll fall in love, I'll fall in love again 

And you're always sittin ring side 
Just a rollin with the changing tide 
The tide has washed you from my mind 

And I guess you think you've got it made 
Oh but then you never were afraid 
Of anything that you'd left behind 

Oh but it's all right with me now 
I'll get back up somehow 
And with a little luck I'm bound to win 
And I'll fall in love, I'll fall in love again 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah 
I'll fall in love again
I'll fall in love again baby
I said, I'll fall in love again
Yes I'll fall in love again 

Here's something to compare it to 
Like the little things you used to do
Like giving more than you take 

Funny how the reasons grow
Then the next thing you know 
The odds change dividing up the cake

Hey but it's all right with me now  
I'll get back up somehow 
And with a little luck yes I'm bound to win