Review Policy

Most of the books I review are books that I purchase, but if I am reviewing a book or ARC from a publisher or author I will note that in the review. I am most interested in fantasy and YA fiction but I also read contemporaries. Since blogging is a hobby, I like to read those books I am most interested in, so I reserve the right to not review a book if it doesn't fit into my schedule at the moment. My reviews are obviously subjective and reflect my thoughts and feelings on the story. I prefer original stories, neat takes on old ideas and good storytelling. I try to be fair and keep the target audience in mind when reviewing.

I will generally review books received from publishers/ authors in the order received, but am more than willing to accomodate if a specific date or publication date is requested.   

I am not accepting self- published books for review at this time.

If you wish to send me a copy of your book to review, please email me at ghill331 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I've recently added a star rating system to my reviews, just to give a better sense of how I feel about a book. Here's my scale.

 5 stars - Excellent, one of my favorite books

4 stars - Very good, possibly a favorite, and definitely a book I recommend and/ or re- read. A step above the usual.

3 stars - most books will be rated 3 here. This is a good book, one I may recommend and it may just not have made it to the next level for whatever reason.

2 stars - I didn't care for this book, it may still have appeal for someone else, but not my thing.

1 star - Dracarys

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  1. Hi, Greg. I see that you do not review self-published books, but I wonder if you have any wiggle-room in that policy for self-published books that already have a favorable Kirkus review to their name.

  2. Hi Greg,

    My name is M. Quilman. I'd like to tell you about my novel: IN SIX DAYS | A Tale of Family, Religion, and Sabotage, a 90,000-word crime thriller. The book deftly weaves the rage of youth, society's treatment of the planet, and open interpretation of the bible into a powerful story of conspiracy and adventure.

    Zoe Becker is inside federal prison prepping for a nationally-televised interview. The teenager from Manhattan is accused of masterminding the largest string of eco-terrorism in the country's history. A throng of supporters outside the prison scream for her release. Others, for her to be locked up for life.

    Months earlier, a wave of attacks ripples across the country. The only clue left at the raid sites: a King of Clubs playing card. As the sabotage grows in size and significance, the country speculates about the message and messenger with rage and veneration.
    IN SIX DAYS entwines an unlikely collection of characters: Zoe
    and her widowed father, a former eco-terrorist from the 80s; a homeless Marine veteran and his sidekick who see their prophecy in the bible, To Destroy those Who Destroy the Earth; a pair of misfit FBI agents; and a corrupt gathering of powerbrokers.

    As the authorities close in, Zoe finds herself on the run, protecting her loved ones and the dark secret she holds. For the FBI, they must safeguard the country at all costs. The next attack is IN SIX DAYS.

    IN SIX DAYS is available at Cracked Shutter Publishing.