Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Mermaid Project Vol. 4

Mermaid project, the Vol. 4

Mermaid Project #4 kicks the story into overdrive as Romane and El Malik race to stop Algapower before they can move their secret lab again and avoid the authorities. Not only that but they are moving the test subjects as well and things don't look good for Angeline Maubert when it appears she may be too weak to survive the move. Algapower only really needs her daughter at this point, so Angeline is expendable. And we get a growing relationship between Romane and El Malik as they are lost at sea and realize they have feelings for each other. 

The scenes at sea are pretty awesome. Trying to follow the ship carrying the lab doesn't go well, and if not for some helpful dolphins the two of them would have drowned. This is where we see that Romane truly can communicate, after a fashion, with the dolphins, and even with a whale that shows up to help. The scenes with them resting at night, under a canopy of stars, on a quiescent whale while the dolphins keep watch was pretty amazing. And the floating platform where the Algapower ship eventually docks is awesome too. This series is really hitting it out of the park with some of the visuals. 

The biggest problem with the art is still the people. That's just the style though and I'm more or less used to it by now. The landscapes and sea action make up for that though. This one is particularly good with the dolphins getting into the fun. And Aubrey is brought in by airship to set the stage for the conclusion. 


Elisa Parson turns out to be the one who gave Roger the key card access to the Mermaid Project. 

Algapower kills Angeline when she is unable to be moved. 

Romane and El Malik share a kiss at sea. Awww...

Delphis escapes- he's an intelligent dolphin much like Delph in book two. 

What's going on with the cetaceans? Apparently they are mutating. 


  1. You're really flying through these.

  2. These sound so exciting, Greg! Glad you having fun with the series.

  3. This really is an exciting series. I am glad you are liking it.