Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Mermaid Project Vol. 3


Mermaid Project #3 moves the action to Rio de Janeiro in the aftermath of episode two. Romane and El Malik have learned that the genetics lab has been moved, and further that Romane's name and her family members were included in some documents retrieved in the New York raid. What is the connection between Romane and the Mermaid Project? That's the central question in this one. 

We get some interesting revelations here, including more details about Romane's early years. I'll talk more about that in a spoiler section below, but for now I just want to keep it brief to not give away anything. Romane and El Malik continue to work together well, and more of the story unfolds as Romane is urged by the intelligence service to recruit her brother Roger as a mole within Algapower. He's leery of doing so, naturally, but agrees to do so when he realizes the stakes- including that their family is somehow linked to the company. 

Speaking of, there is some concern that Romane's niece could be in danger in Paris, so the French police are tasked with protecting her. They botch the job though and Audrey is nabbed, apparently by Algapower. Romane and El Malik, meanwhile, are tasked with extracting a deep cover agent within the company. That doesn't go well- and furthermore Roger finds a way to infiltrate the Project and comes face to face with... mermaids. Or rather Angeline Maubert and her daughter, who have been altered. 

There's a bit of tension in this one as I expected Roger to get killed, but that doesn't happen. His escape is one of the more interesting elements of the story- all I'll say is the dolphins are involved.I liked the art in this one- the shots of Rio are stunning, and the city is futuristic looking, much nicer than Paris or NY. In fact we get some more world building here, with the implication that countries like Brazil have benefited from the Great Disaster while countries like France and the U.S. are in decline. 


Romane learns that her brother was hired by Algapower because of his history- like Romane, he grew up in the orphanage and was experimented on while there. It's possible that Romane was as well, and El Malik learns that her mother gave birth to her in the orphanage- something they had not known. Her mother was also a test subject of Dr. King. 

So... do the experiments mean there's a connection between Romane and the dolphins? It certainly appears so as wild dolphins accompany Romane and El Malik on their mission at one point, and even more amazingly Roger is rescued by dolphins when he flees Algapower!

We get Dr. King's history too- he lost his family in the Great Disaster and fled to France to continue his work. 


  1. sounds exciting and action packed? the world is definitely interesting looking and I like the cover art

  2. You have the best graphic novels here Greg! This one sounds so fast paced and good! :)

    1. I have discovered so many cool Euro comics!

  3. Sounds like a great series. I love the experimental parts and them finding out where they came from and what Dr. King did to them. Interesting.


  4. I am still loving the artwork. 👍✨