Thursday, April 11, 2019

Golden City Vol. 1

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Golden City Vol. 1 Wreck Raiders is a comic I tried based solely on the cover art, and I'm not even sorry. I mean that immense futuristic city under a starry sky- and the woman staring at it- I had to know the connection between them. And I'm happy to report that the interior art is as good- one thing about a lot of European comics is the fantastic art. This one sort of drops you right into the action- a plane is shot down over water and the assassin is tasked with recovering the woman aboard. Problem is some wrecker kids beat him to the wreckage and make off with the woman- is she even still alive?- and they sell her to someone else since they're destitute. 

The woman turns out to be the wife of the President of Golden City, an immense city off the coast that is home to the ultra- rich.  Banks sets off in search of his wife, leaving the city under disguise, and soon tracks down the kids who found and sold Jessica. Action ensues from there and Banks is enmeshed in a conspiracy that may threaten him and his position in the floating city. 

I was a little unsure of this one at first, being dropped into the action without knowing anything about the setting, but I just went with it and was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure who the good guys are- are there any?- but Banks doesn't seem bad, and the wrecker kids I kind of feel for even though they sold Jessica. 


  1. Great review! The cover is indeed amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic as well, will check it out if a find a copy!

  2. That is an amazing cover image. Such depth!
    As it's a European comic, there might not be any good guys. We do like our shades of grey when it comes to villains and heroes!

  3. I agree, the cover is fabulous! And I definitely added this one to my wishlist as soon as you mentioned it, because the premise sounded just as great as the cover. Also, you should know by now that there are no good guys 😁

  4. That is an awesome cover! I am glad that the inside turned out to be just as good. I imagine it could feel a bit strange to be dropped into the action like that but I am glad it ended up working out.

  5. Yeah, that cover are is super nice! 🙌🙌🙌

  6. I am glad you were pleasantly surprised. Its nice to come out of our comfort zone and do that.