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A Dance with Dragons- Tyrion III

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Tyrion and Illyrio are still traveling through Essos when they meet two men- Haldon and Duck. Haldon is a healer while Ser Duck (honestly) is Rolly Duckfield- both are associates of Griff, the man they are riding to meet. Illyrio has several chests for them and seems fond of Young Griff. Haldon tells Illyrio that Griff wants to sail downriver as soon as they return, as there are several Dothraki khalasars in the area- Khal Pono's being of primary concern. They ride off with Tyrion, and Illyrio tells them he will meet them in Westeros. He says he is sorry he will miss Young Griff's wedding.

They soon arrive at the Shy Maid, a riverboat where they meet Griff and his son, as well as Septa Lemore and a Rhoynish couple. Tyrion and Griff do not get along and Tyrion seems to suspect right away that he is someone else. Griff tells him he can go with them as far as Volantis, and if he cooperates he will be able to stray with them when they go to Dany.


This is pretty much a travel chapter but we are introduced to Griff and his people. Griff is pretty uptight and is not happy to see Tyrion. He is a lord of Westeros, Tyrion deduces quickly, although he is pretending to be a sellsword. Hmm... Who is Young Griff supposed to marry? Dany? Tyrion estimates his age at about fifteen or sixteen.

Tyrion also thinks that Griff is dangerous. They get off to a rough start, Griff doesn't appreciate Tyrion's wit and can't believe Illyrio sent him. Tyrion tells Griff he can help Dany defeat his sister Cersei and brother Jaime, as well as deliver allies. We have to wonder at this point just what the game is that Illyrio and Griff are playing- obviously it's been long in the planning, and Young Griff is a part of it.

We learn a bit about Duck and that he was born in Bitterbridge, his father was an armorer. Lord Caswell offered him a place in his garrison, but Caswell's son took the sword his father made for him, and after Duck beat the lord's son with a hammer he had to flee. He crossed the sea and met the Golden Company, where he was a smith and then squire to Harry Strickland, and then was sent to Griff to train his son.

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