Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Dance with Dragons-Bran I

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

Bran and his companions are still heading north, searching for the three eyed crow. They are being led by Coldhands, the apparently undead ranger and his enormous elk. Bran spends a lot of time in his wolf, Summer, but he also wargs into Hodor, which makes the giant uncomfortable.

The ravens bring news and Coldhands tells them that they are followed by men. He goes off to deal with them, and tells Meera to get Bran and the rest to a village by a lake not far away. When he is gone Bran and Meera discuss Coldhands, and realize that they never see him breathe. Meera doesn't trust him. And jojen is not doing well, he's very weak.

They find the village with some trouble and hunker down for the night. They're out of food and pretty miserable. Bran slips into Summer and sees through his eyes as the wolf comes upon a kill, and three wolves eating the dead. These are the same three wolves from the prologue, by the way. Summer fights the alpha male and wins, and the pack defers to him. Summer gorges, and so in a sense Bran does too/ This reminds of the prologue, where Varamyr recalls that to warg into an animal and eat man flesh is an abomination. Bran doesn't know this, of course. The men are Night's Watch, Bran realizes- apparently some of the deserters who killed Mormont. One is missing a hand0 Ollo Lophand?

Bran comes back to himself and finds Coldhands has returned. Bran realizes the Night's Watch men were killed by Coldhands, and questions him about it. Coldhands replies that they were foes. Meera asks him about the three eyed crow and Coldhands replies that he is the last greenseer.


Clearly the big question here is- who or what is Coldhands? It seems apparent from his dress that he is former Night's Watch but who? Many think he was Benjen Stark, though I doubt this. It's possible though why else would a creature like this be helping Bran? But since we find out the three eyed crow's identity in a later chapter, it's possible that Coldhands is someone related to the crow from his past life. Time will tell...

The other thing going on here is that Jojen is weak- something that will take on more importance later. And of course it is disturbing to see Bran using Hodor the way he does, given what we know from the prologue about warging.

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