Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Continuum is a show about terrorists who have gone back in time to avoid execution. Oh, and they want to change the future too, so the megacorporations that apparently run the government in 2077 don't take over. The problem is, when they go back a cop goes back with them- which wasn't part of the plan, but she got caught up in the radius of whatever they did, and so Kiera Cameron is now in modern day Vancouver. She has to stop the terrorists- and try to get home to her family.

This is a good show. I just discovered it recently and have been binging, playing catch up. I like the lead a lot, played by Rachel Nichols, she's tough but is able to show emotion too, especially when missing her family or making decisions that could affect the future. There's a bit of humor as she has to juggle her knowledge of the future and advanced tech with not standing out like a sore thumb. Complicating the matter is her partner in the Vancouver PD, who doesn't initially realize that she is from the future.

The overarching plot are the fugitives from the future, but Kiera runs into other dilemmas and situations that test her resolve. She has a sidekick, a genius kid (aren't they always) who has like ten computer monitors in his lair and can access pretty much anything to help her out. Turns out in the future he's a big deal. The only problem with the sidekick is he's just like Felicity on Arrow, he can hack anything in like 2 seconds or whatever. Okaaayy. And she doesn't initially realize that his 2077 self may have his own agenda...

The villains are pretty good too, I think the show tries to make them sympathetic at times by showing that the future govenment is corrupt, but they're so nasty and ruthless it's hard to feel sorry for them. Being an episodic show, it does feel at times like everything is wrapped too neatly each week, I'd like to see more extended plot lines- how many plots can these people have going anyway?- but in spite of that, this is a fun show. The peeks at the future also show that in spite of her desire to get back, her life had challenges in the future and we learn more about those as time goes by.

If you like smart sci fi and a great lead Continuum is worth a look.


  1. Only recently started watching this one. It's pretty good, but I'm not 100% invested in it like I am other shows. Still, I'm curious and will likely continue watching.

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  2. I have not heard of this series before. It sounds like something I would enjoy though!