Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The 100 S3x14

So... this week we start off in lock up with Murph and the other prisoners. They're trying to come up with a plan when some guards come and ask who is ready to take the key. ALIE realizes someone in the cell hurt Pike so they examine the folks in the cell and Indra strikes. Wow, she's a badass, taking out the two guards. They have the other prisoners lead the guards away while Pike and Indra decide to go for Jaha's backpack- and Murphy is with them.

We then get our first real  look inside the City of Light, as ALIE is directing traffic to stop the intruders. She activates Emori to stop Murphy. Meanwhile Clarke and her crew are at the rig and Luna tells them they'll be leaving at nightfall. She's not interested in being Commander and tells Octavia that they take in those who are done with fighting and she wants no part of their war. Raven is monitoring ALIE and concerned how strong she's getting- she wants to hack in and try to take her out. Monty says no stick to the plan and wait for Clarke. Harper shows up and wants Monty to help her seal an airlock- but really she just wants to get some. Harper and Monty??? Didn't see THAT coming.

Back on the rig, Jasper is getting friendly with Shay, the girl telling shark stories. And Clarke has the idea to make Luna take the chip -by force. Seriously??? She convinces Bellamy- are these two just ruthless machines now? Geez Clarke. And Harper and Monty are cuddling after their time together- we haven't seen many hook ups on this show of late- and raven finds them and has something. She's found that ALIE is hiding something and wants to go in, but Monty won't let her. Clarke tries reason with Luna again, and says some causes are worth killing for. Luna says "not to me."

the 100 3x14

So Clarke tries to force her and gets walloped. Clarke never wins. And we find out that Luna is no wimp, she can handle herself just fine. Meanwhile Murph and co. sneak into the Temple and are about to destroy the pod power source when Emori tells them it's a nuclear fuel cell. Luna gets attacked when she tries to ship Clarke and the others away, apparently some of her people have been compromised. They waterboard her (why does everyone waterboard now? Can we get over that?) and things are looking rough. Clarke can't get to Luna to help her and Murph's group are in trouble, when Raven decides go in. So then ALIE's in trouble and uses Monty's mom to get at him- ouch.

Shit gets real and Monty has to delete his mom's code- how much are they going to put this guy through? Murphy's afraid of killing Emori so Pike smashes the thing but they're still too late. So they have to book out of there and ALIE says they can't be reached now-apparently they're up in what's left of the space station? Shay manages to free Clarke and gang after being shot by a crossbow- Jasper loses another one he cares about- and they arrive but too late to help Luna- she has to kill her lover Derrick or he'll kill her at ALIE's command.

So... Luna is going to take the chip and be Commander. Right? Well, maybe not. Apparently the drinks they take before the ceremony are drugged, and Clarke and the rest wake up back on land... alone. I have to say this episode is pretty frustrating- lots of action and near misses with ALIE, but again everything fails and it feels like we're dragging out now until the end.


  1. UGH, this episode. I mean, I get that there's going to be a lot of setup for the end but... (also, I am reading this AFTER watching 3x15, which frankly was more of the same, IMO). Definitely agree with you on the frustration and near-misses- enough! It seems kind of cheap, honestly, and this show is usually above that.

    BUT I did like some of the stuff- like Monty's mom FINALLY getting deleted for good (she's really gone this time, right?), and the Indra badassery, followed by the most unlikely team in history getting together hahah.

    And speaking of unlikely... Hanty. Come ON. And like, I won't leave spoilers of course, but we are now (in 3x15) supposed to believe that Monty is like, in LOVE with her? Insta-love is never okay, not even in The 100. I hope you are doing a recap for 3x15 because I want to read it! I am saving mine until the end because I watched it so late due to BEA, but I want to read your thoughts and chime in!

    1. I know, this episode was kinda... I don't know, just okay. And yes to the most unlikely team- love that! Who woulda thought Pike, Indra and Octavia?? Gah that must be PISSING O off- I thought she might shoot him!

      I'm not feeling Hanty at all. I don't know who's right for Harper, but I don't think it's Monty. Who do you think? We need to find her a ship. Oh and I am doing a 3x15 recap, it should be up tomorrow morning actually (Wednesday). I kinda like it better mainly because it was so crazy even if it was ridiculously unrealistic... :)