Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The 100 3x15

One thing I'll say about The 100- the show is always moving. There is rarely a dull moment and that was certainly the case here, in the first of a two part finale. I can't believe we're at this point already- it seems like the season just started and here we are at the end. And what a ways we have come. I do think in some ways it's been a mixed season, primarily because of two things- the City of Light storyline and Bellamy's character arc. The COL story has never been my favorite and that remains the case- I think they're drawing too many threads together in a haphazard way- I mean does the AI aboard the Ark have to be related to the chieftains and this huge Grounder nation gets chipped in a matter of days- but discounting that, the other problem is of course Bellamy.

But maybe that's a topic for an end of season wrap up. For now let's dive into this one. Spoilers from here on out. The Clarke and Bellamy show are still trying to stop ALIE from taking everyone over and they decide, with a nice assist from Roan (yay he's back) to strike right at the center of her power- at Polis. Pretty gutsy. Meanwhile Raven and Monty continue to try to hack into ALIE and stop her with a "kill code" if they can. Things of course don't go well (shocker I know) and everyone ends up in a bad spot.

By the way I liked the scene where they say their goodbyes before heading out on their mission- did anyone else get the impression this might be a permanent goodbye for some of them? Anyway Clarke's crew get captured (because of course) and... Clarke gets tortured AND Abby hangs herself AND Pike gets shot... have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah Ontari gets whacked and is (apparently) dead. Those last few minutes were crazy. Although they did put ALIE on her back foot once or twice, so they don't completely suck. And someone shot Jaha- that's progress.

There was a lot to like here. Pike and Indra working together shocked Octavia, and I was half expecting her just to shoot him but the fact they have to work together is nice. Drama baby. Indra saves Kane? Murph and crew showing up just in time. Oh and the best line of the night goes to Murph when Bellamy tells him that Clarke is in trouble he wearily replies "Clarke's always in trouble." Yup.

Let's talk about Jasper a minute. He's chipped! And he stabs Monty in the stomach. Gah! For a minute there I thought Monty was a goner, but no he makes it to Raven. And poor Harper is left out there at Jasper's mercy. That made me nervous- Harper MUST SURVIVE. I kinda wish she would have shot Jasper. Speaking of whom, I think there has to be consequences if he survives this- after all yes he was punched a few times but it appears he took the chip willingly. If so he had to know he might be asked to hurt (or kill) his friends- that's a pretty selfish choice and I'm not sure where Jasper goes from here.

Roan doesn't get much time to do anything and gets shot. Will he pull through? Hopefully. He's not quite as assured in this role as he was as Charles Vane in Black Sails, but I'd still like him to stick around. Was that elevator fight brutal or what? Bellamy and Murph trying to survive and almost getting their ass handed to them- that was pretty intense. I was on the edge of my seat for that whole sequence. And the other great line goes to Jasper, who at one point is reciting a litany of all the casualties he blames on (mostly) Clarke. Is "death by Clarke" going to be a thing now?

This season has not been perfect by any means, in some ways I almost think it's a wasted season because of the silliness of Bellamy and the COL thing but these characters go through so much and they have a way of making you love them. This was a solid episode, no wasted moments, and a lot of other shows that plod along could take a lesson from The 100 and up their game.

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  1. Okay so this episode confused the hell out of me! Granted, I watched it at 5:30 AM literally as soon as I got off the plane from BEA, so that probably has something to do with it. I also knew about the Jasper thing because I guessed it while drinking wine with someone who'd already watched it, and since we were both drinking wine, she confirmed the situation.

    Anyway, I agree with you about the wasted season, in some ways. Definitely the COL, because I was anti-that storyline from the start. The Mt. Weather thing from last season at least made SENSE, and had a logical endgame and all that jazz. This was just... dumb, mostly because no one was themselves. So really, it negated any real character development, except for the handful of people who either went willingly to COL, or stayed unchipped. So like, 3 people.

    I did like the Murphy/Bellamy thing. I also liked Octavia/Indra/Pike- that worked for me. The Ontari thing was dumb from the start. I feel like A) She never would have taken the chip; and B) they never would have let her be commander after beheading all those kids anyway. So yeah, none of that was great. So if she's dead... meh.

    Is Roan dead? I thought he was, but again, I was confused. I am also going to watch the finale soon, and I won't lie, I am SO SCARED. And also, how did this season fly by so quickly? And what will we do until January (at the earliest!)? I just... ugH!