Thursday, February 23, 2017

The 100 A Lie Guarded

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You've got to be frickin kidding me. This show is killing it this season. I don't even know where to start, so I'll start with... Jaha. The guy I love to hate. The guy who did what was necessary (or so he thought) to keep things together- but he also had moments of compassion. Not a very popular guy at the moment, but he taught Clarke a valuable lesson. It's not enough to be "right"- whatever that is- and logic is not enough. You have to give people hope, something to yearn for. and you have to be honest. Clarke compiled a list of 100 people- a list of last resort- to decide who would survive if it came to that. Jasper discovers the list (and I have to say the way they contrived for him to find it was so lame), and when he and Monty and Clarke can't talk it out like adults, Jasper tries to announce it over the PA- and gets shock prodded by Clarke for his trouble. 

Okay then. That's going well. Jasper gets himself thrown in the brig and Monty picks up where he left off- he starts announcing the names over the PA and everyone is understandably upset. Clarke is trying to justify her decision, citing things like weighting towards younger women who can have kids, and Jaha comes to the rescue. He's been through the wars and he says okay you don't like the list- fine- we'll have a lottery. Everyone has an equal shot. In the meantime we have repairs to make. So acting from a position of gravitas (former chancellor and all that), he defuses tension and saves Clarke's bacon. Nicely done. 

Before I get to the rest of the episode, I want to stress this- who has the right to make these decisions? Clarke is clearly a leader, she's acting with Kane's authority, the senior leadership all knew about the list, and were complicit in keeping it secret. But Clarke takes the heat. But she DID make the calls. Is it wrong? Are Monty and Jasper right? I'm conflicted myself- I mean I took Clarke's position and Jasper was seriously pissing me off- I actually kinda liked it when Clarke shocked him. Who has the right to make decisions? 

Oh and we found out who wasn't on the list! Monty didn't make the cut, Harper didn't... 

Two other things are happening in this episode. Abby and crew are heading to Becca's hideout to see if she had notes they could use to save everyone. And in Polis things are not going well. The alliance is broken after Echo captures Bellamy and another guy out hunting, and the nameless guy blabs about the work at Arkadia. Roan decides that Kane hasn't been honest with him and decides to shred the deal. Great.  A bunch of Trikru warriors are massacred and Octavia barely escapes. I'm thinking she'll make it but when she's cornered at a cliff (why is there a cliff- always a cliff) we have a pretty epic battle and Octavia is... killed?? Whaaa...? And she falls over the cliff. Did they just kill off Octavia? 

Meanwhile Abby's crew has all kinds of trouble with the drones protecting the hideout but in the end they win through and find a pretty swanky lab. Raven and Abby are happy. And we have a nice moment with Raven and Luna, where Luna decides maybe it does matter to help people. I thought Raven was great in this one. Oh and I thought Abby was a goner! Yeesh they messed with us. And... we lost Nyko. I was sorry to see him go- he was one of the best Grounders. 

So... Bellamy and Kane are prisoners, Echo tells Bellamy (or shows him) about Octavia- heartbreaking. I'm feeling Bellamy- the guy has been through so much, tried to protect her, trying to redeem himself after Pike- and now this. But wait... somehow O made it. Thank God- she's pulling herself from the river. She'll survive- although realistically, no. That fall was hundreds of feet, and she was stabbed through- I'm sorry but I'm saying no. But this is TV so- I'm good. 

Random Thoughts

I loved the beginning- Jaha gets floated. 

Where'd they get the boat?  

No mutants past the line- what exactly is on that island?? 


  1. I have so many THOUGHTS about this episode, I honestly don't even know where to begin. I need to rewatch I think, because I spent most of it SOBBING because I was sure O was dead. Because like you said, NO ONE can survive that shit. And I usually HATE IT when shows do that. But... this show has never done it before so I GUESS I can forgive a one-time? Especially if it saved O! Someone made this edit, I have to find it, I'll post it on my recap, but about Lincoln saving her, GAHHH.

    The "floating" Jaha thing was my favorite ever. But YES- the way Jasper found the list WAS lame. I rolled my eyes. Hard. Shocked about Monty! Also, REALLY pissed that Riley is back. Did you see the "scenes from next week's episode"? He is like... Pike Jr. I cannot with these randos causing trouble. OVER. IT.

    Did I not JUST SAY that Nyko better not die?!?! I DID. And who dies? NYKO. It is like they heard me! Is there even anyone in Trikru LEFT other than Indra at this point?

    As for your question... I don't know. Clarke's list was well thought out. And it sucks, but yeah. I think she was right this time, honestly. She didn't even want to make the damn thing, why didn't she just throw Raven under the bus instead?! I like how Jaha calmed down the situation, but I hope he is bluffing because a lottery is DUMB.

    I feel like this is one of those episodes that set up a lot of questions and just added more fuel for drama. Which is fine, we need those too. OH and did the Roan 180 seem awfully hasty? I started writing my recap and that is one of my first points- why so fast to break the alliance when JUST last week he was all in defense of Clarke?! Great recap as always!

    1. Oh my gosh I know. I just gaped at the screen when O went over- I was like fucking seriously? And she gets beat by Echo??? Gah. But then when she out of the river, and her horse (that horse RULES)- I was like fuck. Dodging a bullet.

      Floating Jaha was the absolute best. And he kinda smiled... I like a sense of humor adds to his character. It gave us a little humor up front, should have known the back half was gonna be CHAOS. Who the fuck is Riley? Rhetorical q- we both have been like over that. No Monty on the list? Wow.

      Nyko... He was like the only non asshole Grounder? Speaking of... yes the preview shows Roan on Arkadia. Didn't we have that w/ Lexa already? I'm getting annoyed w/ this constant war- at this point I'm starting to wonder if Grounders worth it. Other than Indra and Treekru- the rest? F 'em.

      I was for Clarke also. I mean, it's been rumbling in the back of my mind for a few weeks that who gives her the right to decide? But someone has to and she has a point- if everyone freaks and riots no one is going to make it. But you're right- a frickin lottery? I saw that as buying her time?

      Roan's 180 was WAY forced. I mean he was skeptical of Clarke but onboard- now he's just like all war?? Way too fast. I don't feel like Roan is developed enough- he's sort of at the mercy of the writers in the sense of- what do we need this week? Rather than him actually feeling fleshed out. you know? Like he's a walking plot device. He could be more...

    2. See, Jaha is making us like him even more. His redemption arc cannot be stopped. Helios the horse is my new favorite character, tbh. But I still don't get how O survived all that shit- they had better give us an explanation that isn't "guardian angel Lincoln".

      Roan and Riley in the preview... it's just Lexa and Pike, Part 2. Only neither is as competent? Like what are they DOING here? I am getting sick of this narrative too. Enough!

      I agree wholeheartedly about Roan. He IS being used as a plot device at this point and I do NOT approve. Unless he has some ulterior motive, which I would be MORE than happy to see this week. Like it's a bluff because he wants the truth from Clarke? But then... why kill ALL of Trikru? I just don't know, I want to sit them all down and have some kind of chat with them. Like, scold them, as though they are small children. "Listen up, you're about to die from radiation, so how about you stop with the fucking swords for a second?"

    3. Exactly. Maybe I was naive to think Roan was any different, but when he said kill them all (except O and Indra), i was like... seriously? Just for shits and grins kill all of Treekru? I mean, I don't know the character at that point. I thought he was this one thing and he's... whatever, week by week.

      It's pretty bad when I'm cheering Jaha. I guess it makes sense though, yeah the leadership has been passed (sort of) but when push comes to shove Clarke is still 19 (I think? How old are these peopl) and Jaha has been through the wars- same w/ Kane.

      I don't know how O survived that. It's just... too far? I'm gonna say a couple hundred feet at least? It seemed a LONG way .

  2. I really liked the first season, but got lost the 2nd one and just haven't gone back. Now that you say this season is so good I'm wishing I'd given it another chance. Great review!