Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SciFi Month Intro Post

SciFi Month is here! Hosted by Rinn Reads and Over The Effing Rainbow, this is a month long celebration of all things sci fi. This will be my third year participating and I have more stuff to share this year so I'm pretty excited about it. And Rinn and the various co- hosts always do a bang up job of running this. This event has something for everybody- if you like reviews or discussions, ponderings on deep subjects or movies or whatever- even humorous stuff- SciFi Month has it.

So... I've been spending a little time coming up with posts for this year, and my schedule is below.  Also some of the posts I do regularly have been drafted with SciFi Month in mind, so those may have a SF feel as well.

Tentative Schedule of Posts

11/3  Fear The Drowning Deep reviewed
11/4  Bookcover Spotlight #73
11/7  Cover Characteristics Prehistoric Settings
11/8  Top Ten Tuesday Favorite SF Tropes
11/11 Bookcover Spotlight #74
11/15 Top Ten Tuesday Favorite SF Movies
11/16 Discussion: Why I Like Grittier Fantasy
11/18 Bookcover Spotlight #75
11/21 Cover Characteristics Retro Covers II
????? Favorite SF Artists
11/29 Best SF Music

Wooh! I didn't actually realize how much I had planned for this. and some of it was coincidental- my Bookcover Spotlights are done months in advance so that just worked out. Anyway some of those dates may change, but that's the gist.

Want a sneak peek? Here's maybe my favorite post from last years event- not my favorite of the event, just the favorite one I submitted.

Top Ten Star Wars 


  1. I am excited for these posts! Happy SciFi Month. :D

  2. Looks like you have a fantastic month ahead! I'm really looking forward to your Bookcover Spotlights:-)

  3. Sounds fantastic to me! I can't wait to check out all your sci-fi posts :D

  4. Great line up!the music post is a great idea !

  5. All these topics sound so interesting. I am really looking forward to reading your posts this month.

  6. that is awesome that you can plan so much ahead

  7. Every year I think 'I'd like to participate in this next year' - and then forget about it until I see other people posting for it! Anyway, definitely looking forward to your posts, they all sound great.

  8. You have such cool posts planned. I look forward to checking them all out.
    Lynn :D

  9. Will have to check these posts out - I'm not a very experience sci-fi reader, so I need some help!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  10. Yay, more the merrier for Sci-Fi Month! I look forward to all your sci-fi coverage :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  11. Ooh, these topics sound great! I'm especially looking forward to your fave tropes, movies and SF music *may I expect to hear some SW music, lol? :D *

    Wishing you a very happy November!

  12. Yay glad to see you are joing us! ...and you are way more organized than me.

  13. Looks like you've got some great posts planned out for this month, can't wait to see them! :)

  14. I'd be lying if I said I'm very excited because I don't really like sci-fi, I never did for some reason.
    However I'm looking forward to reading your posts, who knows, maybe I'll be interested by one of the books/movies ~

  15. Thanks Greg, although we'd be stuck without people like you taking part! ;)

    Looking forward to your posts, especially SF Music. Listening to the Ex Machina soundtrack right now, and it's so perfect.

  16. Looks like it's going to be quite a month! :)

  17. Welcome back to another year of Sci-Fi Month! Looking forward to reading your posts for the event :)

  18. It all sounds great Greg, looking forward to seeing your posts!!