Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fandom Mashups #12

Fandom Mashups

Fandom Mashups is an original feature hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews. Every week she proposes a fictional scenario and then we build our own dream team of five characters from five different fandoms to complete the task.  

You've been charged with creating your own Suicide Squad: a team of villains to lead into deadly situations and hopefully save the day instead of destroying mankind. Which villains are you putting on the squad?  

Snake Plissken 

The baddest of the bad.

Darth Maul

With that double bladed lightsaber and those moves he's a shoo in.

Winter Soldier 

Another badass on the squad.


From Continuum- she might be the most dangerous of the bunch.

Slade Wilson 

Do I even need to say it?


  1. I love that you've got the Winter Soldier on your squad! I still remember seeing The Phantom Menace when it was released in theaters and being in total awe when Darth Maul revealed the double-bladed lightsaber; that was definitely one of my favorite scenes in the movie!

  2. The Winter Soldier! Great choices, Greg!

  3. Maul is such a fun choice! He gets even more amazing in the tv shows as they explore his personality and power even more. The only problem I'd worry about is him turning that power on the other teammates or the leader.
    It's an awesome team though, they'd definitely get things done.

  4. Darth Maul is BADASS. His skills are epic, I just love that he's on your team!! And Slade Wilson. YES.He could definitely lead the pack here^^