Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weekly Round Up #4

An AMAZING end to S4. And Delphine is alive! Krystal of all people (unwittingly) saved her life and Delphine is now with the mysterious island people led by the Messenger. Whoever he is. There's some kind of conection between therm and Neolution since Van Lier has her taken there for treatment? Anyway what a beginning to an episode- in fact the whole thing was great . I loved it when Krystal is introduced to Sarah and is so not impressed. 

"Cause this girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger. And secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a seven on a good day and I've been told I'm a ten." Ah Krystal- you'll do just fine in clone club. 

True to the show you never know who's going to betray whom- and there's plenty of that going along. Susan plans to restart human cloning, revealing that she's not so good after all, but Rachel is even worse. After reupping with Ferdinand she's on the move- wresting Neolution away from Susan. Rachel wants to combine the cloning with the implanted tech to change human genetics- oh and she doesn't want play nice with the clones either. Man is she a piece of work. 

So it all goes down on the island. A pretty tense conclusion, and Sarah gets the crap beat out of her (and stabbed) by Rachel who surprises her (come on Sarah, you knew she was in the building). Cosima and Charlotte meanwhile are trying to reach the boat but don't make it- and the mysterious Messenger saves them and take them to the village whatever it is. Who are all those people? But Delphine is there- reunion! Cosima says she has the cure- but Rachel thinks she does. Did Cosima switch it out before leaving? I think she might have. 

 Talk about cliffhangers. Ferdinand has S and Kira at gunpoint, Sarah is frickin messed up, and what's the deal with the village? This has been a phenomenal season- the focus is back on Neolution and the mysterious board are pulling strings, the island stuff is great and I can't wait to see where this goes next.  

This show is amazing. Every week they manage to tell a stirring, nail biting time travel episode while keeping the overarching storyline relevant- and this week was no exception. Things come to a head in this one though, as Ramse and Cassie square off against Cole and have a different agenda. they want to take out the Witness, whereas Cole and Jones want to stop the Paradox from happening in 1957- the big one that could unravel time. Unfortunately for Cole, Dr. Adler helps Ramse and Cassie and they end up in Cold War 1961. Cross purposes- and as usual, things go to shit. 

Agent Gale is back! And he and Cole swoop in to save things when Ramse and Cassie eff it up. They snag their ex- Nazi doctor out from under the Israelis and get to his lab- to find that he has made a child with help from the Witness. And guess who the child is- Olivia aka the Striking woman. Hmmm... turns out the doctor created the Messengers and they come for him. It goes bad (again) and Jones pulls them all back- but not before Vivian the Messenger gets away with young Olivia, and not before Ramse gets a scrap of intel on Titan. 

Back in 2044 Cole is furious and orders Cassie and Ramse taken into custody. You can't really blame him- Cole wanted to get the girl and Ramse went for the intel- plus they drugged him, lied to him and are just at cross purposes. Cassie is actually surprised he's pissed? Hello! Whether he's right or wrong no one knows- but the way they're working together (or not) they couldn't do much worse. Oh and the temporal storms are about to engulf the facility. Time (ha ha) is short. 

Some observations. 

We find out (finally) that Cassie and Deacon were together. Out in the wild they apparently hooked up, but Cassie says she can't go there, the mission is all. Deac takes it hard and is drinking at the end as the storm approaches. You almost feel sorry for the guy. A wild card there. 

Sad to see Agent Gale go, but a noble sacrifice. He turned into a pretty good character. Another reason Cole's pissed- they gave up Gale and still failed. Although maybe Ramse's intel will still save the day?  

Again we hear that the Witness speaks often of Cole.Whatever the endgame here, Cole is obviously very important to the whole big picture. 

Olivia can walk again- since she was "made" she is stronger, heals faster, etc than a normal human. But she's fed up at the end and says she's done- will she turn on the Witness? She'd be a powerful ally for Cole and the group. 


  1. I've heard alot about 12 Monkeys and Orphan Black but I've never watched either one. I should add them to my binge-watching list.

  2. Every time I see a commercial for Orphan Black I think that looks really good but I already watch too many shows. Maybe some day

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying these but I don't know if I'll ever watch them. I already have more series queued than I have time for! :-)

  4. I've never seen "12 Monkeys," but oddly enough, I've been seeing it everywhere these past couple of weeks. Funny how that happens. :) Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland, Greg.

  5. I don't understand that trend on Wayward Pines either, bringing back these old rebel characters and killing them off the same episode. What is the point? I think we are just watching it now to see what is going on with the Abbys - my husband has a theory about them, and to see Megan go down. She is such a bitch, is right. I can't stand the little kids reproducing story line. It is just too much for me.

  6. LOVED Orphan Black! This season was just an intense as the previous ones and man, that finale left me wanting MORE. FREAKING Rachel man, she's such a bitch! I had started to feel sympathy for her after she lost her eye and with the glitching and all that...hoping she'd end up part of the Clone Club but now I hate her all over again and more than ever! The wait for S05 shall be a long one LOL!