Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Round Up

Now that The 100 is over and I'm not doing my Wednesday recaps anymore I thought I would share a few thoughts on the other stuff I'm watching. There will be spoilers for all these episodes so just a heads up.

First up is 12 Monkeys. I sometimes wonder if anyone is watching this show. I don't hear much about it in the blogosphere but I think it's one of the best sci fi shows on right now. It's time travel and conspiracies and interpersonal drama all rolled up together and the acting and writing are excellent. I really want to stress the writing because time travel can be iffy- but this is show is so twisty and yet somehow it always seems to make sense. Well most of the time anyway.

Last weeks episode was quite good- this whole second season has been excellent. Cole and Ramse have to go back to 1975 to protect one of the Primaries- who happens to be a killer. They have to decide whether to let him kill the victim that history says he kills- and Cole can't do it. He intervenes, things change and turns out the Primary is not just a killer but someone who is fighting against the Witness and the 12. I didn't really get why Cole shot Slade at the end though- they're trying to prevent a Paradox but wouldn't shooting him cause one? Maybe I missed something.

Anyway it was nice checking in with Cassie and Jennifer in 2016 as well- those two play off each other nicely and Jennifer had some fun crazy moments in this one. And seeing Cole and Ramse in the 70's as Slow Ride by Foghat plays in the background- that was fun. I give this one an A.

I don't even get this show. It has such potential but it's constantly getting bogged down in silly writing or slow pacing. Episode seven was the mid season finale and I didn't like this episode much at all. The group is dealing with the fallout from Strand shooting his lover who was dying, and Celia is pissed off and wants everyone gone. The problem is Chris has run off and Travis is looking for him, and Madison won't go anywhere without him. And Nick is under Celia's spell, which I don't get either. I guess the writers just want him to be.

Some big things happen in this one. Probably the biggest is Madison basically murders Celia, locking her in with the zombies. Nice!  Problem is there is zero character development indicating that she would do that. Yes she has hardened a bit over the season (I mean they have to survive) but this? No it doesn't feel earned, it just feels shoehorned in. And basically everyone here is stupid. Travis goes off to find Chris but doesn't ask for help, doesn't communicate- and Chris is a mystery to me. A little moody throughout the season, sure, but all of a sudden he's threatening Alicia and runs away because he hates himself. Well I hate him also- can't stand his character.

Its like this show is trying to be profound or something with the weird dialogue and the themes they're always trying to explore. The Walking Dead has this problem too. It's a zombie show about people trying to survive- sure explore what people will do to survive, but they just get so carried away. And I don't see Madison just letting Nick walk away- how could a mom do that? She could have tackled him , or had Strand overpower him , or something- but to just let him go? Like I said, I don't get this show.

Orphan Black is a show I really like and I'm enjoying this season a lot- the Neolution stuff is way more interesting to me than the CASTOR plot from last season (even if I think it's very convenient that all the CASTOR stuff just disappeared). But this episode was a little disappointing- Sara basically goes on a bender after the death of Kendall, as she is consumed by guilt. She goes and gets wasted, has a threesome in a bar, and almost jumps off a bridge until Felix arrives to talk her down. Oh and Donnie gets arrested during his daughters slumber party- looks like selling drugs has caught up with the Hendrixes.  I never could see Alison and Donnie just casually becoming drug dealers though, so it was a big shrug for me. Even though Duko is an ass and works for Evie Cho, they were going to get caught eventually.

I kinda liked the band in the bar though.

As convoluted as the plot is on this show it's always entertaining and the clone club are always fun. So even when I'm annoyed I always like Orphan Black.


  1. I'm still thinking about FTWD. Not sure how I felt about the mid-season finale. I watched the first season of 12 Monkeys, and planned to watch S2, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Same with Orphan Black. Too many shows, and too little time :(

  2. I need to get back to Orphan Black. I watched the first season and really enjoyed it but then never got around to watching anymore. I haven't heard of 12 Monkeys but you have me curious!

  3. I've tried so hard to get into the Orphan Black! But I just wasn't digging it :/ I was really disappointed because I've heard so much about it and everyone seems to love it.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift