Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekly Round Up #3

Last weeks episode was quite good- we found out that Jones's daughter Hannah survived thanks to Cole and Cassie changing the timestream. A very emotional moment. This week in "Hyena" we're taking a different tack- this is about Jennifer forming a group called the Hyenas to take down the 12 Monkeys. The opening, as always, is snappy with the Pallid Man appearing and getting a surprise- Jennifer is on the move. "I've got credit cards and the 2nd Amendment on my side," she says in a voiceover as we get a montage of her breaking out other "crazies" from an institution. And the doctor who incarcerated her- he gets his throat cut in spectacular fashion. Jennifer has just declared war on the Monkeys. I love this show.

"I'm free like a virus in a preschool and paying it forward to all the other crazies"

So in 2044 the gang are discussing the chaos of the timestorms and the havoc they're wreaking, and Jones says there is one Primary left to save- they know there is one more Paradox they have to stop. Sometime between 1951 and 73. Cole goes to see Jennifer and she tells him that the answer is with the Pallid Man- and that her and Cole in 2016 have to find him. Jennifer has so many lines in this one- "Crazy is as crazy does, and this crazy is getting shit done" she tells Cole when he finds her and her Hyenas in 2016. "You want to start an antisocial organization, you need antisocial personalities right?" 

I'm still not fond of Cassie's hostility towards Cole but they're going for dramatic tension and I get that. We see The Striking Woman again, now in a wheelchair, and get some clarity on why Cassie and Ramse hate each other. Each thinks Cole picked the other over them. Eve Harlow by the way as Vanessa (sorta Jennifer's #2) is a nice debut here, would like to see more of her. Although it looks like that's not happening? And we get a big revelation- Titan was started by the Pallid Man and Jones' husband? Wow. So did Jones' husband build the time machine- the one that Jones made work, and is using to try and fix time- to start all this in the first place?

One episode left! This one The Mitigation of Competition had a bit of everything- Sarah working to find a missing woman before murderous Neolution does, Alison and Donnie having their issues and the return of Helena! In the nick of time, too, apparently. Helena's been gone almost the whole season and she's a breath of fresh air- as much as I've liked Alison and Donnie in the past, I'm a little over them. They're funny but the show works best with the dark elements- the clone conspiracy, the wheels within wheels. And here we have a little darkness- Neolution euthanizing babies that are born deformed thanks to their horrific gene therapy experiments. This kinda stuff, like the weird body mod stuff happening earlier, are what makes the storyline so compelling.

It was nice too to see see Sarah and Art working together. Somehow they beat Neolution to the missing woman, and her baby, only to have her whisked out from under their nose by... Rachel. Who seems to have betrayed them, before we see that she played Evie like a harp. Not bad... although the preview for next episode makes me wonder if she doesn't become the enemy again.

A solid episode. A little drama with Adele too, as she meets Helena (those two sparring were a highlight) and next time... the return of Delphine? Woop!

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