Friday, April 3, 2020

Sunday Post #344


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I had a pretty good week. You know, in spite of the world falling down around us. I hate to be negative- I mean, I want this to be a happy place so I need to focus on the positives. And there were some this week! A highlight for me was playing back to back games of LIFE and Monopoly with the girls and then doing some Just Dance 4. Um, I'm not as young as I used to be! 

I'm starting Tales From The Loop this weekend on Amazon. I've been in a streaming mood and there's a bunch of new shows on Netflix I want to try also. What is everyone watching? 

One of the interesting (and scary) things I saw this week was that 1 in 4 people who get Covid-19 may show no symptoms but still be spreading. Also a fascinating interview with the head of the Chinese CDC who says, among other things, that countries not using masks are making a serious mistake. Key quote: "Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others."

Oh, and I'm just gonna say right now that I hate the term "respiratory droplets" and never wanna hear it anymore. 

Okay, enough of all that. I just want to switch gears a sec and talk about fantasy worlds. As a coping mechanism I think they're phenomenal. With the pandemic raging around us I think they're even more essential. Tolkien showed us how immersive a world could be and I think, more than ever, we need escape and a respite from all the stress. I'm thinking of doing a post on this... 

I wanted to share this as well. Anyone who loves Middle-earth may get a kick out of this. As some of you know I'm a big fan of Lord of the Rings Online- they really do a good job of bringing M-E to life. Check this out- especially the beginning in the Shire.

Songs from the DeepTo Be Taught, If FortunateHunting November (Killing November, #2)

Song of the week


Phantom Book #816, 1959. Reprint of US Ace Book D-329. Cover art ...


Good Girls Lie



  1. Going to back to old games sounds like fun! I need to pick out some shows to watch also. Totally agree about hearing "respiratory droplets," haha, but I agree that a lot of that information is really interesting to consider--especially about the Oval Office visits! I didn't see that article. I think the asymptomatic aspects are the most concerning as far as spread that can't be tracked and to me really implies masks would've been good for the US to not discourage so much in the first place, but, here we are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Fantasy worlds really are the best right now! That Middle Earth video is so cool--I'd love to be there right now, haha. Hope you continue to stay well and happy reading!

  2. Advice in the UK is that masks don't work but I'm now wearing one to the shops. The countries that wear the masks as well as social distancing ie China, South Korea and Singapore have falling cases. I think that says something. I also wear gloves so any infection from surfaces gets on the gloves not my hands, and the gloves stay away from my face! I consider this added protection to the social distancing but I seem to be the only one in my local area!

    I've been watching some favourite films, doing a bit of reading and watching documentaries which is at least keeping me entertained. I could do with watching some new films and catching up with a few box sets!

  3. Glad you are getting your game on. My daughter loved those dance games. We had multiple mats for playing, but I was never very good at it. Nice way to get some exercise though.

  4. See, those old games are coming in handy right now. Just Dance, uh? At least you and the family are doing some exercise 😂. I've always hated physical activities like the plague, but I love to dance (or pretend to...).

    I'm not having more time indoors than I used to. I still have to go to work Monday to Friday, because of course radio stations never close. Also, going to the supermarket (if once a week) has become an ordeal, so if anything I have LESS time now...

    Big Sword was the best of the bunch!

  5. I find it frustrating that were getting so much conflicting information. I'm on board with wearing a mask out, but then I read a Facebook post from a nurse saying if you don't know how to properly wear gloves and masks, you're only spreading the virus more. It's all so confusing! Sounds like you have plenty to take your mind off things. Have a good week!

  6. I think escapism is a great way to relax right now. Not permanently of course, but everyone needs to take some time off every once in a while. Glad you got to play some games with the girls!

  7. I love your decision to focus on the positive! We all need a little more of that.

  8. I'm very pro-escapism most times but especially right now! I love books that pull me in. I had gotten away from most games but lately I've been trying to do those hidden object games more often. They're very relaxing! Have a great week and stay safe!

  9. Yay for getting into a few games, and I'm all in for a few dance moves, Gorgeous Greg! This pandemic has been rough for so many people, but what I hate to see is the unkindness towards others, and doesn't help the situation. More than ever, this is when everyone should band together whenever possible. My Netflix is long, long, long and I got in a few things over the past few days. Lost Girls, The Last Thing He Wanted, Uncorked, Spencer Confidential, Justine, Horse Girl, Miss Americana, The Coldest Game, To All the Boys, How to Fix a Drug Scandal, and a few foodie things. No one knows how I get anything done, Gorgeous Greg!(lol) Stay safe and sending some air hugs your way. RO

  10. I am feeling angst about how the situation has been handled in the US, and how the Liar in Chief has blood on his hands because he downplayed it all for months...and then gave more false information.

    Escapism sounds like a good plan! A day at a time works for now, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. My daughter loves Just Dance. She can do it for hours, while I'm good after a couple of dances. LOL

    I have always been the kind of person who likes to have as much information as possible--it helps me cope--and yet this crisis has shown me that I have a limit, and I have definitely reached my saturation point. You are so right about fantasy novels--maybe that's what I should pick up next. I hope you have a good week, Greg. Stay safe and well.

  12. Fantasy novels and stories make an excellent escape from the real world. My escape has been mysteries; they have solutions, justice usually prevails, and have happy endings more or less.

    My work is closed as non-essential and I'm high risk so I've been in my hobbit hole aka my apartment, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with my cat and the fish.

    Enjoy your games and stay safe!

  13. I want my blog to be a positive place too, but sometimes I just can't avoid the negative. Esp now, so no one's gonna blame you for that. The thing about masks is, they might not protect us from others, but if we all wear them, we're all protecting each other. Although, most masks don't block all the virus particles, but I guess it's better than nothing.

    But yeah, fantasy! Great escapism, definitely. And board games are so fun! And the cover of that Becky Chambers book is pretty. Stay safe!

  14. I wear an N95 mask all day at work now, but I didn't used to wear anything if I happened to be the one going to the grocery store. Which hasn't been often since my husband usually goes for us. But I ordered fabric masks for us both that won't arrive for another few days and we had to go to the store today. I wore a scarf and my husband wore a bandanna across his lower face. I never thought we'd ever be in this scenario despite all the end-of-the-world books I've read. It's just surreal.

    I can't believe the White House was already doing temp checks back in January!! Are you kidding me? They knew and didn't do anything about this coming. Wow. Just wow. As a healthcare worker I'm appalled.

    Must focus on positives, though, right? Happy reading, Greg! :)

  15. Yes, let's focus on the positives! I think this is a great time for board games with the family, and I've forgotten how much I enjoy old school entertainment like Monopoly! And with regards to masks, I think that's why they say masks are only the most effective if like, literally EVERYONE in your population is using them. It won't necessarily keep you completely protected, but if say, someone else is infected and don't know it but is wearing a mask, it does stops them from spreading droplets. In places like Hong Kong where they've learned from SARS, I think it's like 95% of the population wearing masks is what helped them keep coronavirus under control.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  16. There is so much information and sometimes they seem contradicting. And as of the latest news, masks and sanitizing keep you up to 90% protected. So let us do our part!

    I love the video of the virus spread globally.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

  17. Its a difficult one, but I might start wearing a scarf over my mouth and nose when I go out. I don't think I am sick, but who knows. It's interesting that the CDC in the Us has now advised face coverings for all folks leaving the house (but the president isn't going to comply).

    Stay Safe
    Here's my Sunday Post

  18. I love all the graphics! Enjoy all of your Prime & Netflix. Stay healthy and enjoy your books!

  19. Enjoy your Netflix and books! We all need something that cheers us up during these dark days. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Tiny but it is there.

  20. The state I live in will be "stay-at-home" lockdown starting at midnight until April 24th. My anxiety and insanity is through the roof at the moment. I cannot handle cabin fever!

  21. Oh Hunting November sounds so good. I still need to read Killing November but it's definitely a series I want to pick up... Eventually...

    Our Sunday Salon:

  22. My Little and I have been playing Minecraft together but I wish I had time to get lost in The Elder Scrolls games again! Those are so relaxing.
    Thanks for sharing the DIY mask video! First time seeing the plastic sheet attached to glasses thing and think that is brilliant! Will share with my essential employee!
    Have a great week and stay safe!

    Stacy Renee | LazyDayLit

  23. I watched the documentary on Netflix about the chemists who were doing drugs and faking lab results. It was really interesting! Also, tiger king-which was just so strange. Seriously-where did they find these people?!?

  24. It's so hard not to be negative right now! Yes, I saw that about the masks too. We should have ALL been wearing them from the start, and not just people with symptoms, since like you said, you can be asymptomatic and still transmit the virus.

    If you want to talk about not being as young as we used to be... we bought a trampoline for the kids! I tried to do a front flip and landed on my ass! At least I made it all the way around, haha. I'm EXHAUSTED after jumping with the kids, and it's definitely its own workout. We've been teaching them about "break the egg" and "crack the bacon" and all those nonsense games we played as kids.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  25. I'm so with you on "respiratory droplets". If I never hear those words again, I'll be a happy camper. And oh wow, Just Dance 4. You're a good sport. I think I would seriously hurt myself if I tried that, lol.

  26. I'm finding it incredibly hard to be positive right now. Things just need to get better all around.

  27. I'm finding it hard to be positive with all the news coming out, but I like your attitude and I need to be like that. So, I will try harder :) Now I want to play board games. I have a few that need to be dusted off. LOL

    I've been watching Netflix. I just finished Ozark, which I loved, and now I'm on the last season of Grace and Frankie. I'm not sure what's going to be next on my list.

    I hope you enjoy your watching and games. Take care and stay safe.

  28. We've been aware of all this for weeks Greg! I even made my own mask! And no we are not as young as we thought LOL Stay safe!

  29. I think it's both awesome and needed to focus on the positive, and, yes, droplets is just so gross. Stay safe and happy reading!

  30. So is there video form the Just Dance antics? LOL I'm sure I'd keel over before I got through one song/dance. I see that the CDC is now recommending masks for when going out. I ordered a couple yesterday but no telling when they;ll arrive. Good thing I don't need to go anywhere and just stay put at home. The video is good for making your own but I don't have even half of those supplies.

  31. Hi, board games and Just Dance sounds like fun times! I am trying to stay positive and avoid the news at all costs but wooooow about thermometer checks for Oval Office as early as January. Its surreal times we are living in.

    Anyway, I like the Middle Earth video, cool.
    Have a nice week ahead.

  32. GAH I feel you about "respiratory droplets". Blech! I was at the store the other day and the people who didn't have masks (our governor said we should be wearing them), THAT was all I could think of. OH fun story, I actually got in a fight with a woman at the store. She was mad because I was waiting for her to be done before getting my stuff from a shelf. Like bitch, I am not bothering you, I am just social distancing! Glad that you were able to get some game time in, that sounds really fun! Lovely pictures as always. "Post Apocalyptic Beach Day" reminds me of those idiots on Spring Break 😂 Oh, and I am rewatching The 100. Of course. You must let me know if I should try any of the shows you're trying though!

  33. It's definitely hard to stay positive at times Greg. I keep telling myself things will get better again. Even if I don't feel like that at times.

    I haven't been watching any tv at the moment. Only some news and then it's back to reading for me.

    Stay safe Greg and happy reading.

  34. There is so much out there about the virus. Interesting about the masks. I hadn't heard that argument for them so far, but it's quite a salient one. I hope you find some great shows to stream and LOL about the Just Dance 4.

  35. I promised myself not to read news constantly because it can drag a person down. I've watched the 4th seasons of La Casa de Papel recently with my hubby, that show still rocks!

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found

  36. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Tales from the Loop! I am contemplating watching it myself.

    The mask thing is interesting because we are being told to absolutely not wear masks by our government.

  37. I think the ‘no mask needed’ thing in part came from concern of the resulting shortages for health professionals, but other than that I can’t see that wearing one hurts exactly (unless you are a PoC)
    My kids are being kept busy with schoolwork for now, when they are officially on holidays next week I think we will pull out some games.

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health

  38. I turned off my news notifications; I couldn't take all that worry that listening to the news brought.

    I suspect that many people have had the virus, just like with normal flus, but show no symptoms. I remember one year at school when school attendance was down about 30% and there were no subs for teachers who were sick. One teacher got three different strains of flu. I never got sick, or, at least, I never had symptoms. It seems almost impossible that I never got sick amid all of that. We just don't know.

    Stay well and healthy.

  39. A positive: I have had an unintentional blog break - being back in the community is great, with one of my favourite things in the community being the variety of images you share in these posts. Happy to see them!

    Focusing on the positives is easier said than done in this current situation, but definitely oh so important... I've think I've finally found that balance of staying informed via reliable news sources, whilst also not letting it consume my waking thoughts, y'know.

    So old school fun games - I love it!

    Happy reading, this week & month.

  40. Ha. Loooooove the post-apoc beach day. That's fabulous. I'm also trying to escape all the news as best I can. Lots of audiobooks and crafting around here.

  41. It’s great that you’re trying to remain positive in these crazy times and it seems like you’ve been doing some fun things lately. I wish I was stuck at home with someone to play board games with (or even that I’d got around to moving my board games to my house, they’re still at my moms) and I haven’t played Just Dance in forever!

    Considering I’ve got all the time in the world to be streaming things I’ve not really been watching anything. I have slowly started to rewatch the first season of The Expanse because I remember enjoying that show and I just never continued. I really did forget how good it was.

  42. We are not good with masks, there are no masks to be bought. To make ones..hmm

    March sucked. This is how the world will end, just with something worse, omh negative much Blod!

    Ok k. I watched the windsors on netflix. Stupid fun!

  43. This whole mess is going to be History Channel fodder for the next few decades once the whole truth/story comes out.

    My MIL made us masks and I should be getting them today. I also bought a sewing machine to make some but ...I can't sew so that should be interesting lol

    I played a boxing game on kevin's Oculus and yeah...I'm not so young either lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  44. Thank you for sharing beautiful artwork each week, it lifts my spirits! I have been watching Studio Ghibli films and I highly recommend them.

    Have a wonderful week!

  45. LIFE, Monopoly, and Just Dance 4?!?! Sounds like you guys are making the best of your time cooped up together! <3 And I agree respiratory droplets sounds terrible 🤣

  46. I would love to play old games! 🎮

    Thanks for the Middle Earth music. 🎶

    As you can see I'm comment vomiting backwards, so I know you are still okay. 😊