Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Girls #15 and 16

Girls Vol. 3: Survival
So... Merv snuck into the shed and had sex with the captive "girl". And he did it to try and prove that having sex with them doesn't cause them to lay eggs. Which, of course, he was wrong. Meanwhile, Ruby returns and everyone is freaking because Kenny is missing (we know from last issue he took off). And we see Kenny at his home, bawling over pictures of his family. Wes decides to go find him, after handling another seven eggs from the "girl", and the military is preparing to do something. Kenna and Alexis are talking about how Ruby is the only woman who's safe, and a light bulb goes off for Alexis. Next thing you know she's talking to Ruby about how best to conceive a boy- since, you know, that seems to be Ruby's magic armor- and then we see Alexis going around and, um, trying to put some of that advice into action. Um, yeah. 

Ruby wants to go warn Wes that the Army is about to attack the sphere or something, and her and Ted get into it when he tries to talk her out of it. Ted has always seemed like a good guy but now we find out he's controlling and doesn't even let her drive! Is everyone in this town an asshole? Things get heated and he hits her- and Nancy's like no, fuck that, the men are out of control and the women will be hanging onto the firearms now henceforward. Things are turning into a male vs. female standoff. Merv admits to going into the shed, Nancy disbelieves him, and when Ted grabs for the shotgun it goes off- in his face. Oy. 

And here come the missiles! Unfortunately they appear to have no effect. The men take this opportunity to run away before Nancy can blast anyone else- well, some of the men stay- and apparently Ted is still alive? Must have been just a glancing shot? Anyway oh my gosh Nancy kills the captive "girls" and orders the men into the shed. They're prisoner now! This is getting crazy. And... we check back in with Kenny, who is traveling through the woods with a "girl", who leads him to a whole bunch of "girls". Oh, dear. 

Girls #15

So here we start with the four escapees from the McCallister place- the ones who fled Nancy- panting and trying to decide what to do now. Chester is lamenting the fact that he left Sally and the kids behind, and they debate going back, but Ted- who was shot in the face- says no, and walks away. I'm getting sick of everyone bitching about the guys who slept with the "girls" though, blaming them for the eggs- I think it's pretty well established that they didn't know that was going to happen. Anyway Nancy is doubling down, having the guys tied up as well as imprisoned. Although from her POV there are now five men missing- Lester, Kenny, Oscar, Chester and Ted- and they could be having relations with the "girls" right now. Well, they're not, but you can sorta see her fear.

"Hope that "alien" pussy was worth it," says one of the guys as they're all marched into the shedOkay then. Wes, meanwhile, is still looking for Kenny. And Kenny, bless his heart, has a bunch of "girls" to fend off. Firewood's getting low though at the McCallister place, so Nancy sends some of the women out to chop trees. Alexis isn't sure about it, and her and Kenna argue, but then they're attacked by "girls". It gets bloody, but Alexis and Sally fight 'em off, although Kenna is injured. They're not sure if she'll live and Alexis has it out with Nancy, who agrees to free the men... but what does she have in mind?

Oh, and Wes finds Kenny, who throughout the issue has been fending off the "girls". Although when Wes finds him, he seems to have given up, since he's naked and there are eggs... everywhere.


  1. Oh Merv...and Kenny I guess lol Don't be thinking with a certain body part boys Hahahaha

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Uh huh... This sounds interesting. XD

  3. I hope Hoopla gets these. I'm hooked. Ha ha. 😁

  4. WHAT IS HAPPENING? I feel like you said so much, but so little. I need more details, haha. Like La La, I hope Hoopla gets these. :)

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 😷💬

  5. I am so at a loss. I love this trip and your summaries are the best. But, what the fuck?! lol

  6. How's that plan working out, Merv?! Lol.

    And yes, everyone in this town is an a**hole. Clearly.

    Oh man, this series is so messed up! XD