Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Girls #13 & #14

Girls #13

The horror continues. Wes and his group are hiding in the cornfield and watching the horrific events taking place at the - whatever-it-is. Sperm monster? It is assimilating the dead (and still living) women and when it picks up Ma Pickett her husband starts shooting at it, to no avail. The sperm monster then lashes out with its tentacles again, like last time, and they book it out of there. Why didn't the "girls" attack though? Anyway, they go back to the McCallisters and catch each other up on events, and ooh there's a new wrinkle- they spot the National Guard outside the bubble working to free the town. Well, that's nice. Oh, and it is a bubble or sphere that is enclosing the town. Wait... are they in an egg?

Wes also has to come to terms with Nancy's insistence that men don't leave the group. No more sex with "girls". I mean, how many more of these things can they take anyways? Love the comment about Lester "doing" four of the "girls, and how was that even possible for him? The humor here at times is understated. Trying to question the captured "girls" doesn't go so well, but for fuck's sake at least they finally put some clothes on! 

Supplies are running low (or gone, actually) and tempers fray as some just want a supply run while Nancy doesn't want men leaving. And one of the prisoners gets loose when one of the kids makes an ill-advised attempt to enter the shed with a corkscrew- was he going to kill the "girls"? The prisoner causes a panic and Ruby falls down and begs for mercy, but the "girl" runs right past her. Why didn't she attack her? Is it because Ruby is carrying a son? 

Girls #14

So we have a "girl" on the loose but she's quickly tackled and subdued. Why is she naked though when they had earlier dressed the captives? And oh oh- there are eggs in the shed. And the escapee actually drops another egg while they're standing there. Um, okay who went in the shed and had sex with the "girl"? Accusations fly and Wes accuses Ethan. Okay I've had it up to here with Wes, frankly. The debate then becomes... what to do about the eggs? Ted is horrified at the thought of burning them, but Nancy's all like- do it! So... Wes burns 'em, and when one hatches on the fire and the occupant dies, the "girls" wail.   

Tears are streaming down the "girl's" faces but Nancy is undeterred. Meanwhile later the women are debating who went into the shed. Ethan and Taylor have a nice heart to heart, and we learn more about their early relationship. And again, just like a few issues ago, I'm kind of appalled by how much of an asshole Ethan is in that conversation. Like, Taylor you are better off without this guy, even if Wes is an asshole. Anyway, after an unexpected death they begin debating a supply run and several of them want Ruby- who's pregnant- to make the run since the "girls" won't harm her apparently. Her husband is like fuck that. Why don't the men- Wes- step up and just go, regardless of Nancy's bullshit?     

And... she goes. Ted is like no way, but she says she can do it. And they send her off without even someone to go with her? Ted doesn't go?? Weird. Meanwhile the "girl" is laying eggs still and Wes is trying to hold things together. We get a glimpse of Ruby in the store and the place is full of "girls" eating everything in sight- but they don't touch Ruby. Ethan meanwhile is whining to Merv about his convo with Taylor- grow up, man- and we find out that Merv is the one who entered the shed. Oops!! And as Ruby is heading home she hears a noise, but doesn't see anyone- but it's Kenny in the woods. Where's he going? No way...


  1. I love your recaps of this story! I don't even have to read these myself, lol😁

    1. I am far more entertained by Greg's summaries too! Although I did look up the series and get the gist of what is going on and how it all ends!

  2. Just the mention of "eggs in the shed" icks me out.

  3. The egg hatching cover is CREEPY! Ha ha. 😁

  4. I mean... some clothes and a padlock on the shed, my friends, how difficult is that to get right?!