Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Girls 19 & 20

Girls Vol. 4: Extinction
So this one's a little different. Some dudes are partying with some women they picked up and they decide to ditch (???) the women... but that doesn't go well. They don't know about the barrier around town and they drive their boat right into it. Oops. They're toast. The women decide to go for help, not knowing where they are, but unfortunately they run into the "girls" who are everywhere. Doesn't go well. As always, love the dialogue. 

"Hey! I didn't expect these guys to take us out to the fucking boonies, okay? And no one made you get on the damn boat and get wasted, Jenna, so shut up." 

Right. So the "girls" take the bodies to the sperm- thing and feed them to it while Ethan sees this happening from the cornfield. And then he spies the original "girl" - the one he took in- and they have a moment. It doesn't last though. Taylor comes running up, pursued by "girls" and Ethan helps her escape. They make it back to her place and realize the sperm- monster is growing. And we check in on Lester who's alone but none of the other guys want to hang around. Still can't believe they didn't just go back to the others. 

The women, meanwhile, are fleeing for their lives, pursued by murderous "girls". The main group fights 'em off but not before taking a casualty. Taylor asks Ethan if anything is going on with him and the original "girl". He says no, and then Wes shows up. Just like a bad penny. They all catch each other up on on the latest happenings, and when Taylor relates what Nancy did, Wes agrees that the men are dangerous. Wes and Ethan then debate whether the men should be trusted, and we have an uneasy love triangle. 

Girls #19

The women, meanwhile, are still trying to make it through the woods. Nancy and Alexis have it out, and they find more eggs. Lotsa eggs. 

"We are being wiped out, while the men have a freak show fuck-a-thon, and you blame me for tearing this town apart?"

Who made the eggs? Why does Nancy look horrified when she sees someone's clothes on the ground? Does she recognize 'em? Barbara, meanwhile, is not going to make it, and asks them to put her out of her misery. 

Issue 20! We are nearing the end. Barbara is dead and Alexis is fighting with Nancy on how to proceed when "girls" show up and abscond with the body. Nancy wants to go after them and they discover that the sperm- monster is now ginormous. The women book it out of there but who do they find? Lester on the road, being followed by a "girl". Nancy wants to take care of business but the others just want to get home. And Nancy admits that it was Kenny's shirt she saw at the last batch of eggs. 

Ethan, meanwhile, leaves to find the original "girl"- he can feel where she is- and finds out she can talk. He wants answers but she tells him he has to have faith- trust her. She's in a lake and he goes in, and they kiss... oh, never mind. He's dreaming. Or was he?? He wakes up and Wes wants to help the women- and get the guns. Taylor comes along, pointing out she's already shot several "girls", and they go to the McCallisters. And oh my gosh- Lester is sleeping with a "girl" who followed him home. And Nancy beheads her! Gah!! 

You never know with this comic. Lester says he didn't sleep with her- you know, sleep sleep- he just wanted company.  


  1. This sounds really ... strange. Guess I'd have to go back to past issues because I'm very confused about what "girls" are. LOL!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. OK, I'm adding this to my comics list.

  3. 'Why does Nancy look horrified when she sees someone's clothes on the ground?' - maybe she's just like: 'oh f**k, that's just what we need - more naked people.' XD

  4. I have no idea what this comic is about, but it sounds, uh, interesting? Lol. It definitely sounds different! Lots of drama.