Sunday, April 12, 2020

Song Lyrics

Rapture by Blondie. Here's a peek at the lyrics...        

 ...and you get in your car and you drive real far 
And you drive all night and then you see a light
And it comes right down and lands on the ground
And out comes a man from Mars
And you try to run but he's got a gun
And he shoots you dead and he eats your head 
And then you're in the man from Mars
You go out at night eating cars
You eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too
Mercury's and Subaru's
And you don't stop, you keep on eating cars
Then when there's no more cars 


  1. I just realized: Rapture is one of my favorite songs but I never knew who it was by. Thanks for mentioning this song! I'm adding it to my playlist.

  2. Oh boy, do I have memories of this one. My friends and I used to try and write all the lyrics down, adding a few lines at a time every time we heard it on the radio. :)

  3. Such a great song! Thank you for sharing it :)
    Konna @ The Reading Armchair

  4. There are some weird lyrics in this song. ;D

  5. Blondie was such a trailblazer. My daughter saw her at Lolla last summer, and she said she was amazing (even in her 70s).

  6. I adore this song. I remember me and my best friend memorizing it in high school. I used to always want to see the little man from Mars. It was a fun song when we were drinking - legal refreshments of course.

  7. That song is wacky but I loved it and her back in the day. We saw her in concert with Garbage a few years ago and man...does she still have IT.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  8. I had no idea what the lyrics of this song were until right now... And I've heard this so many times too!

  9. This song really does have some crazy random lyrics but I love it. Blondie is definitely one of my all time favorites so thanks for sharing this. :)

  10. The vocalist/keyboardist for a band I did lights for couldn't get the rhythm of rapping, so I had to do the rap parts and she sang the melody parts. Ha ha. 🎤

  11. Oh my, I always loved this song, but never paid attention to the lyrics. Thanks for sharing.