Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday Tagline #46

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Mankind has reached for the stars- but found its destiny in primitive savagery. Well okay then- that sounds pretty serious. I'm going a little old school for this- this was written in the '50's and is one of the original generation ship stories. I'm a big fan of that trope so I had to read it. 


  1. That's where I get my kicks - primitive savagery. Never fails;0)! Looks like a...fun story?

    1. Primitive savagery is best! And it was kinda fun? lol it started out iffy but by the end I was kinda hooked!

  2. Well. That doesn't sound dark at all o.0 Lol.

  3. I mean... are we sure these monkey-dudes are even baddies? Maybe they're your SUPER friendly neighborhood monkeymen, and just want to have a barbecue, invite you over to watch the game... and BAM, Mr. Invader is trying to shoot them. Sure, they might be holding some kind of weapon. But maybe they're just out hunting for the barbecue?

  4. it does sound very retro but I like it!