Friday, March 17, 2017

The 100 We Will Rise

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The 100 turned it up to 11 this week. After a week long break the show came roaring back tonight with a vengeance- the roughly 42 minutes felt longer since so much happened. And we learned a few things. First and foremost some things don't change, including the propensity when things look bleak to find a scapegoat. And as Roan points out, people will do what they think is best- for their own people. Oh and I kinda like Clarke, Bellamy and Roan together- not a bad team. 

We also found out that Arkadia wasn't completely destroyed, which seems odd given the multiple explosions we saw at the end of the last episode. But it's helpfully pointed out here that roughly half the living quarters are still around, although three sectors took the worst of it and they lost life support, among other things. Still they have some facilities remaining. Including the brig and the med bay, both of which become the scene of a mob riot when pissed off Ark'ers try to kill Ilian. As bad as that is, I could understand the first attempt- after all the explosion had just happened and tempers were high. It seemed like a spontaneous thing. And Kane shuts it right down thankfully. 

The later attempt was premeditated and also provided kind of a weird tangent with Jaha, with the show kind of hinting he might stand by and do nothing. Monty appeals to him to intervene but he'd rather Jasper keep pouring the drink, so Monty tells him his son would be ashamed. Ouch. Of course later we see that Jaha is on the side of the angels after all- the classic fake- out. I hate when they try to manipulate the audience like that. Oh and does anyone understand exactly why Octavia was so keen on offing Ilian? I mean she was ready to, which kind of shocked me. It's not like he is Pike? 

The heart of this one though was the mission to the island. Clarke, Bellamy and Roan lead a group to take the hydrazine rocket fuel to Raven so she and Abby can go... into space... to synthesize Nightblood... or something. Okay when you write that out it sounds so silly, but we'll move on. Sometimes you have to not think too much about these things. Of course things go wrong on the mission! Or as Roan puts it before they leave- "What could possibly go wrong?" He's turning into quite the comedian. 

First they run into Trikru, who want Roan's head since they're at war now with Azgeda apparently, and then Roan's own men hijack the truck while he and Bellamy are off scouting. Yeah splitting up is always a good idea. Roan has to be wondering at this point about his people- do any of them stay loyal? What a motley bunch. Although with the way the Arkadians acted in this episode I'm not sure who's worse. But I digress. We then culminate in an awesome action scene as Roan (channeling Charles Vane) leaps from Rover at high speed to deal out some punishment. And we find out that Bellamy is a crack shot when he needs to be! Seriously though, that action scene was pretty well done. 

Meanwhile Raven is doing flight simulations and it's not going well, but after some drama with Murphy (including trying to beat the shit out of him) she comes to the idea of manually landing the craft. Which will work. Except wait... after all the shenanigans with Trikru and the traitorous Azgeda they've lost a barrel of fuel. That's not good. And then Raven, who's been having problems all episode, seizes up. They are so telegraphing this Raven-may-have-a-stroke thing but I don't for one minute think Raven is going anywhere. But what do I know? 

So to recap- this episode was everything I want from The 100. Bellamy and Clarke together (and Roan along for the ride- he's really settling into this show), some funny Jasper, and somebody getting shocked with a stun prod. 

Random Thoughts

Clarke is sleeping with Niylah! Why am I surprised? I mean, why not? But still, I didn't see it coming? 

Jasper quotes Dr. Seuss to Jaha as they stand in the rain. Never change, Jasper. Oh and did you see the look on his face when the mob brought Ilian out for his execution? Monty's all trying to stop it and Jasper looked like he was just having fun. He's so effed up now. :) 

Best line of the night. When they stop at the Trikru checkpoint, Clarke jumps out and someone radios Bellamy asking what she's doing. "Being Clarke," he replies. Yup. 

Luna kinda rocked in this one. 

The Arkadians always seem to be assholes. I mean the security guy shocks Kane (will there be repercussions?), the whole crew apparently wanted Ilian dead, and the only ones defending him were Monty, Jaha and Kane. Seriously, the only ones. It's hard to care about the Arkadians at this point, frankly. Remember when Jaha and Kane were the jerks?? Oh and is Monty like the best person they have? 


  1. I never made it through the first season of this but I did watch the first two episodes. Maybe I should revisit it?

    1. YES DO IT. The first few episodes were not great, but it gets SO MUCH BETTER!

  2. Okay, where to begin with this one? I don't even know, I am having a terrible time writing my OWN recap, so yeah. I am not happy with the Niylah thing. I mean, she is legit looking at pictures of Lexa while Niylah is in her bed, and she is like, swooning over Bellamy all at the same time. I just feel like the Niylah thing doesn't make sense for her at this point.

    Jasper was ON POINT this episode. I loved his snark and sheer randomness! I don't know what to make of Jaha- but did you SEE THE Cultkru coin!? And he keeps quoting them, I am telling you, Cult Soup Bunker FTW. Since clearly Raven isn't getting to play Space Cowboy anytime soon.

    I agree, I like the Bellarke/Roan team up. I think Roan showed a lot of promise in this episode. Like, he basically decided he was Skaikru and killed his own traitors, which was AWESOME. And I love his bromance with Bellamy! They work well together.

    And you are so right, Raven is FINE. If they were going to kill her off, they wouldn't do it in episode 6 anyway. She's going to be okay. Just has a case of the sads about the space bust. I LOVED the dynamic with her, Murphy, and Luna though! LOTS more of that please!

  3. I've never watched this series. Sounds like a lot going on! I'll have to look this one up. :)

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