Thursday, March 2, 2017

The 100 The Tinder Box

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One of the things I like about The 100 is they keep the pace moving. Unlike some shows that plod along there is always something happening here. The Tinder Box is aptly titled since by the end we have an explosion, triggered by Ilian, destroying Arkadia- and with it, hopes for riding out the radiation if the Nightblood cure falls through. I was just thinking how Ilian has been mostly a non- factor in the show so far- well he solved that. Bringing a wounded Octavia back to Arkadia as an excuse to infiltrate, he manages to blow the place up just as Clarke and Roan have worked out yet another deal. 

Speaking of Clarke and Roan, they play off each other well, but I'm wondering how many times this show can go to the well. Conflict is imminent but then the two of them hash something out. This time it's almost war between Grounders and Skaikru, and again it's Clarke and Roan- in really cool cave- hammering out an agreement. Since they sealed their pact with blood, wil Roan actually keep it this time? The good news though is that Octavia is alive, although I'll never understand how- she's been stabbed, fallen off a cliff a gazillion feet up, and is now being knocked around by explosions. But hey, she's tough. 

Meanwhile Abby and Raven (with an assist from Jackson) are working on Nightblood, and Raven is... floating? Whassup? All those theories that Becca or ALIE were somehow in Raven... well that turned out to be true. Apparently part of the ALIE code (and some of Becca's knowledge) are  indeed in Raven's head- but she also apparently has brain damage from the EMP that fried the chip. Bellamy meanwhile saves the day by talking Riley down- yes Riley the plot device that drives the suspense here- will he kill the king? A strong moment for Bellamy, who tells Riley that war made him a murderer. He's turning the corner on forgiving himself perhaps by imploring Riley not to do the same thing. 

So Arkadia is gone and Abby/ Raven may have a breakthrough- although I think the rocket thing is a bit- I don't know, silly? Looks like they're going to need the Nightblood cure. Unless they can find another shelter. 

Random Thoughts

Niylah is here. Yay! Need more of her- nice to see her and Clarke hug. 

Some Harper in this one. And she had the best line when she asked Monty "You're citing Pike?"


  1. OHH this episode, I have ALL the mixed feelings. The title was on point- all the titles this season have been pretty fabulous. Okay, let's start with Clarke and Roan. Seriously, enough. These two are ridiculous. Roan is like a middle school girl, not being able to decide who he wants to be his BFF. STOP IT. You didn't trust her, now you do, then you don't, ooops now you do again. No. You are a KING for goodness sake, stop this nonsense! Now, I HOPE they keep their pact but... there's not exactly a ship to share anymore. Though I would have paid good money to watch Azgeda and Skaikru live side by side in a small, sealed space. Spinoff, anyone?

    Holly was right, I am so proud of her for nailing that theory! But then, I am super scared for Abby and Raven. I am pretty sure Abby is a goner, yes? Raven... well, there's probably hope for her. But i was pretty sure Abby was a goner this season anyway, so that cements that for me. And the rocket thing IS silly! When they first unveiled it, I thought to myself "Oh shit, The 100 just jumped the shark". It was dumb. She could have had a chamber or something, right? Like a zero G chamber? They have those at like, NASA and shit. SPACE? Really?

    I also liked that Niylah had a role in this one- I like her interactions with O, more of those please! And I liked Harper's wittiness too. I love that she still tells Monty how it is even though they're together. Never change, Harper.

    1. I think they like putting Clarkie and Roan together, so it's like- how can we make this happen? Oh okay war, then parley- the two of them in a cave. Sigh. And Holly was SO much right, no doubt. I think Raven makes it. Abby, not so much?

      I'm kinda worried that this is going to get really silly re: the zero-G nightblood thing. Does Becca still have an orbiting lab? I guess that's where they're going?

      I like niylah. I don't even know why. And yeah Harper's the bomb. :):):)

    2. TOTALLY agree. Raven will live, somehow. Abby will die- maybe even somehow sacrifice herself for Raven, not sure how, but they are really playing up their relationship. And I am FINE with Roan and Clarke having discussions, as leaders of two of the biggest groups, they have to. But why all the extra drama? Why not have some coffee and chat or something? Noooo, not with this group.

      I feel you with the zero-G thing being silly. I mean, they're just going to... take off into space? I don't get it. How will Raven even know how to land the damn thing? ALIE in her brain? I don't love this idea. It has a lot of potential to leave us rolling our eyes. Plus- do they even have enough time for this nonsense?!

  2. I completely agree, the fast pace of this show (almost brutally fast, since the hits just keep coming) is one of its strengths! It's such a relief to hear that Raven's finally got a good storyline again, it's been too long -- and Lindsey Morgan is too talented to waste!

    1. I agree! I think of other shows where they seem to intentionally plod the story along, just marking time to the finale or whatever- I hate that! The 100 on the other hand is always moving.

      And yes Raven rocks! I hope she makes it through the season.