Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Big Little Lies (HBO) Burning Love

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Two weeks to go until trivia night. And you can see the wheels turning as we get closer and closer to the central mystery of the show- who dies on that fateful night? I thought this episode was a mixed bag- it does some things very well and there are a few missteps but all in all it moves the story forward and gives us more insights into these hilariously flawed people. Last week we saw Jane's ill- advised trip to San Luis Obispo to see if the guy that Madeline found was her attacker. He was not, and Jane got pulled over on her way back. Luckily she got off with a ticket. 

Madeline is definitely worried about Jane at this point. The fact that Jane went and took a gun- she's starting to realize that her getting into everyone's business has a downside. Meanwhile Celeste is getting serious about leaving Perry, even taking her counselor's advice and getting an apartment in case she has to leave. Which clearly she does. Can Perry go five minutes on this show without hurting her? And Jane has a moment with Renata, after an unfortunate altercation at school where Renata gets poked in the eye or something as they scuffle. Parents behaving badly. 

One of my favorite moments actually is when Jane went to Renata's house and they found common ground. I thought Shailene Woodley and Laura dern really sold that. And Harper (who we haven't seen much of) got out ahead of herself by starting a petition to have Ziggy suspended from school, only to have that blow up in her face when Jane called her on it and Renata... laughed. Who has Harper's back, asked Jane? Good question. Meanwhile Ed and Madeline are preparing for (and dreading) dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. Yeah that's going to go well. 

Ed and Madeline confront some truths about their own relationship even as Abigail takes center stage with her "secret project." Which is- auctioning off her virginity online to raise money for Amnesty International. Yes you read that right. Nathan blows a gasket, and when he tells Ed and Madeline about it at their dinner, sparks fly. Although I think Madeline's throwing up might have been a bit much. Especially since Bonnie was the target! 

And... I did not expect a broken urethra. You see Celeste missed the play because Perry wanted a little... action. And he got some. He picked the wrong moment and Celeste fought back, and... yeah. Sounds painful. But Celeste is definitely on her way and just in time. I would take that seaside apartment by the way- not a bad view! And the show ended on a powerful note, with Madeline confronting Abigail about her project. Abigail is predictably defiant and Madeline lets it all out, admitting she cheated on Ed. "I know about fucking up," she tells her daughter, and when she tells Abigail that she risked the two things most important to her- her marriage and her kids- it was a powerful moment. Nice job Reese. 

Random Thoughts

"There's more than one person in this town that would like to deck Renata Klein. Yours truly included," says Madeline to Jane.  

Tori (Joseph's wife) confronted Madeline at the play about whether she slept with Joseph. 

Remember Juliette? I didn't, since we haven't seen her since episode one, but she answered the door when Jane went to Renata's. Are they doing that subplot? 

Nathan looked like he was sleeping through the play. Nice little touches. 

"I can't believe you're eating that shit," says Bonnie to Nathan as he pours more Cocoa Puffs into his bowl after the blowup with Abigail. Hey at least he's using organic milk. 

Sade's Cherish The Day was playing during the dinner. Nice. 

 "I've heard that Abigail is a little slutty." And more commentary from the parents. It should be a wild night when trivia night happens. 

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  1. Yeah that apartment is one I wouldn't mind either!! I agree a bit of a mixed bag. I did like that Renata and Jane found some common ground and made Renata a bit more relatable. Yes that ending with Madeline and Abigail was great. Can't wait for the next episode!