Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Liebster Award X2

I was tagged twice for the Liebster award- once by Lys at The Mad Reader and then by Verushka at pop.edit.lit. So I'm going to do them both in one post.

1) Name a character you like but wouldn't get along with.

Jaime Lannister.

2) What book influenced you the most?

Probably The Lord of the Rings.

Image result for the lord of the rings book

3) Would you be a hero, a sidekick or a villain?

Hopefully a hero!

4) What weapon would you like to fight with?

I'll take a lightsaber (?) but if that's not available I'll go w/a regular sword.

Image result for 17th century rapier

5) If you had magic ink, what book ending would you change?

6) Do you listen to music while reading?

I do sometimes, but it has to be quieter music or mood music. I listened to a Hearts of Space album once while reading Memory, Sorrow and Thorn and now whenever I hear this song I immediately think of that book.

7) What type of post do you like writing the most?

I like writing reviews actually and if it flows it's a really good feeling. But I like writing discussion posts too.

8) Which character would you want to be more like?

I don't know. Aragorn maybe because he grew up in Rivendell and traveled widely throughout Middle-earth, which sounds fine to me.

9) Express an unpopular opinion.

10) What's the most embarrassing you did while reading?

I've told this story before but once in college I was reading a book and couldn't stop- I was just into it. So I skipped class and kept reading- right there in the hallway. I was sitting up against the windows in a large group of people, and after the class the professor walked right by me. It had never even occurred to me he might go that way! I don't know if he saw me but I was pretty embarrassed.

Verushka's questions

1) What are you reading right now and why did you pick it up?

Right now as I'm writing this I'm reading Nerve. And mainly because of the movie, before that I didn't even know about the book!

2) What is your fondest library or bookstore memory?

I was once looking for a book and couldn't find it anywhere, I was scouring used bookstores and one day in Midland MI I was in a bookstore with my girlfriend at the time. We were talking back and forth as we looked around and she said "Is this it?"

3) What is your favorite genre to read, but what trope in that genre would you be glad never to read again?

Fantasy is my favorite genre, although I'm not super into the "chosen one" trope these days.

4) What genre just doesn't do it for you?

I'll read just about anything other than romance. I like romance mind you, just mixed in with suspense or fantasy or whatever.

5) Is book blogging everything you thought it would be?

It's actually more than I thought, since the book blogging community is tremendous and I didn't anticipate how many friends I would make.

6) Which book or movie character do you wish had a blog you could read?

I'd like to read Luke Skywalker's blog especially after Return of the Jedi, to see how the new Republic fares and how he goes about being a Jedi knight.

7) Do you always read the book before the movie?

I try- I usually like the book better, but not always. The Hunger Games, for example, I have't read.

8) Which movie made you way more excited than the book version?

Probably again Nerve, and also The Girl On the Train. I thought the book was okay, not great, but I think the movie looks really good.

9) What country in the world would you like to find a quiet spot in and read a book?

Maybe Ireland. Someplace remote with all the green and wild places.

10) What is the last book that made you laugh out loud?

Truly Madly Guilty- her stuff makes me laugh.


  1. Your story about reading instead of going to class and having the professor walk by is hilarious. I could totally see me being so embarrassed by something like that.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Fun questions and answers. I like the woodsy look you've got going on too!

    1. Thanks. And I like the woodsy look also- it was time for a change.

  3. I used to listen to music a lot when I read, but I haven't lately. It seems like I'm just never near my computer anymore when I read, and I can't get the right type of music from, say, a radio.

    I really enjoy writing reviews too when I actually have something to say and my thoughts just flow. It's awesome getting to share those feelings when you feel strongly about a book! But I love discussion too.

    And I totally agree, I could do without all the prophecy and chosen one tropes!

    1. I've been reading on my computer a lot lately, and multi tasking at the same time. Not a good habit...

      I do like music when I read but yeah it's hard to find the right music on the radio, unless it's like a New Age station lol or something on Pandora.

      And yes when a review flows it's a nice thing. I love just pouring out how I think about a book... and when it's done it's very satisfying. Except for those occasional reviews that just don't come out right. :)

  4. Ha! You ditched class to read? That's awesome and your professor walked right by you? Even better. Haha.

    Great Q&A post Greg. Loved reading your answers!

    I love the book blogging community. We're a special and friendly bunch.

    1. I did! Um, more than once probably (don't tell)! Although I almost got nailed that particular time.

      Thank you! And I agree about the community.

  5. Aww poor Jaime, he's come a long way though! Ahhh Aragorn *my poor fangirling heart* I just love him! And yes, Ireland is the perfect place - for pretty much everything.

    1. Agreed- Ireland and books. I could be happy. :)

      Yeah Jaime has come a long way. I loved his arc in Storm of swords.

  6. Awesome post! I actually had to ask my hubs who Jaime was b/c it's been so long since we read the series. He's like, "don't you remember? He's sleeping with his sister." - BLECH!! AGREE with you!!

    Oh, and that bookstore memory! Swoon... Enjoyed reading all your answers!!!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah Jaime and Cersei- ewww!

      And yes that's a great memory- I still remember that!

  7. They thought of some great questions. I loved your answers. I would pick a lightsaber, too. :)

  8. Definitely would love a lightsaber as they are cool, but on the other hand I think it would be too easy to slice through something you didn't mean to.

    I usually don't listen to music while reading, but I do have very associate memory as I like to call it where I associate certain objects or songs or even food or memories with books I read for example.

    I like writing all type of posts, I still love reviews as they usually flow easy, but writing a good discussion post is very satisfying as well. I always like assembling my Sunday posts and kitchen posts too.

    I usually read the book before I see the movie, but not always. I've seen some of the Lord of the Rings movies and never read the book.

    It was fun reading your answers to these questions!

  9. You haven't read The Hunger Games?!?!?! But... but... I will try to regain my composure. You must though. The story about class is too funny! And let's be real, you probably got more out of the book than you would have from the class anyway ;) Ireland would be so great, I have never been but it is on my bucket list for sure. I am impressed that you like to write reviews- I find them the hardest, because I have to like, form coherent thoughts, and can't just spew out GIFs and word vomit like I do the rest of the time. I mean, don't get me wrong, a lot of my reviews ARE still GIFs and word vomit but umm.. I try harder to make them not be? Let's go with that. This was such a fun post!!

    1. I know! How can I be a book blogger and not have read it? Sometimes I wonder... and I'm kinda ashamed to admit it. I did see the movies and thought at times there wasn't enough of the combat and too much about dresses and the whole society thing. Does that make me a bloodthirsty savage? Ha ha probably... but then again you and others have said there is so much there on a re- read and such, so maybe the books are deeper than I'm thinking and I'm just going by the movie too much. I should probably give the books a shot.

      I'm trying to remember which book it was I skipped class for, you'd think I'd remember something like that! Of course at the time it was all that and I HAD to keep reading. I was so irresponsible lol.

      I do like reviews, although there are times they can be a pain. The thing about reviews though is there are so many, and if you miss one there are ten other doing it anyway, so if they're kinda unique that's a good thing! Yours are always fun. :)