Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Creatures of the Night Tag

When I saw this tag over at A Dance With Books I knew I had to do it. A tag devoted to the creatures of the night? Seriously now. How could I not?


I don't know that I have a favorite vampire book but I'm fond of this one for the cover. 

Betrayed (The Vampire Journals #3)


Image result for larry talbot wolfman image

Larry Talbot the original wolfman from the old Universal B&W classic monster movies. These movies were so atmospheric I'm not sure I can think of a modern werewolf movie that hits that same tone for me.


The fae are favorites of mine and there is no shortage of tales but I tend to like my fae a little on the dark side- dangerous or even indifferent at times to humanity.

Blythewood (Blythewood, #1)


Image result for the walking dead images

I'm not much into zombies so I'll just go with TWD here.


The obvious one here would be Gandalf, but I'll go with Melisandre from the Game of Thrones books. She's described as a red priestess rather than a witch but close enough.

Image result for melisandre images


I'm going with Dionysus from The Immortals, a book about Greek gods living in NYC

The Immortals (Olympus Bound, #1)


I don't think I've read books with angels.


Mystique is a shapeshifter, which would be on my list of superpowers. Able to take any form, you never really know where she is...


This is a topic I added as I'm fond of merfolk. Have you ever stood on the beach at night listening to the waves roll in and wondered if there's anything out there? Imagine a night where the moonlight is shining on the water, or perhaps hidden behind clouds, and something strides from the waves. Or watches the shore just out of sight.

And I'll leave you with this look at some nasty mermaids. 


  1. Man, that first picture is so striking AND retro lol!I like your choices of mystique and the Deepsea mermaid (that pic is utterly gorgeous!)

  2. OMG if you find any books with will o'wisps, please share because they sound awesome. I think my favorite witch is Rachel from Kin Harrison's The Hollows series. Have you read The Others series from Anne Bishop - they have all kinds of great creatures and things. There are 4 books out and I've given all 4 5-stars! Great tag.

  3. Great review. I love The Lost Boys - and now I want to watch it!
    Lynn :D

  4. What a cool tag! I might have to do this one! :)

  5. I love The Lost Boys, too! I agree with Barb's comment above about The Others series by Anne Bishop. AMAZING urban fantasy!!

  6. I love the Lost Boys! This was a fun tag. Have you seen the tv "documentary" about mermaids being real? It was almost getting me until they show the "video" of it.

  7. Fun tag!! I think I'd have a difficult time thinking of answers for all of these though. haha


  8. Fun tag! You know what I appreciate about the old monster movies? You can actually see what's going on. They make them o damn dark now that you can barely see anything. That doesn't make it more scary. Anyway ... :D

  9. Yay paranormal creatures! And I know you do like your fae and merfolk :-P Actually, I like merfolk too, but I'm now realizing it's been a while since I read about them, not since way earlier in the year. And I don't think I've seen that Pirates movie (idk, I only saw some of them, and by the time the next had come out, I had forgotten everything and lost interest), but I do love that song. So haunting.

    I'm not sure I had ever heard of will o' the wisps until I saw Brave. But you're right, I've never seen a book about them. Now I want to though...

  10. I love The Lost Boys, too! Have you ever seen the werewolf movie Ginger Snaps? I don't care for werewolves, but I loved it. I am glad you mentioned how difficult this tag was because I sure am happy I started drafting it on Tuesday after your heads up. I have never read a zombie story and the angel one was a real head scratcher for me as well. :)

  11. This is such a fun and unique tag, I love it! I have never heard of will o' wisps. Until now. So I had to Google, as you do. I suppose I have heard of such a thing, but not named as such. Interesting! I also didn't know that The Lost Boys was about vampires, so... learning all sorts of new things today. Like, maybe I have been incredibly sheltered from these creatures hahah.

  12. What a fun tag! I've never read any books with will o'wisps before but I'd SO want to! If you get any recs for them please let me know! Other than the LOTR mention, I've never read or seen any of these but lots already on my reading list/watchlist :D

  13. I haven't read many mermaid/siren books - I should definitely fix that. They are fascinating creatures! My favourites are witches, followed by the Fae.

    I'm not a huge fan of angels myself but Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy has really great ones. It helps they aren't directly biblical, the mythology of the world(s) is completely different, so that's interesting.