Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top Ten New Authors

This week Top Ten is favorite authors discovered or first read in 2015. I've been fortunate this year to discover several authors I've really enjoyed- so here is my list, in no particular order..       

Liane Moriarty 

Big Little Lies

Ellery Adams 


Lucy Clarke 

The Blue: A Novel

Julie Mulhern  

The Deep End (The Country Club Murders #1)

Kevin Hearne 

Heir to the Jedi

Wesley Chu 

Time Salvager (Time Salvager #1)

Laura Dave 

Eight Hundred Grapes

OK this is only seven, I did read more new authors than that but these are my favorites this year, so I'll leave it there.


  1. Great list! Liane Moriarty's "Little Big Lies" has been on my bookshelf for a long time. I'm going to have to get around to reading it soon. I'll also have to check-out quite a few of these other authors.

  2. Lucy Clarke! I haven't read The Blue yet but I loved her previous books, The Sea Sisters and especially A Single Breath--could not put the latter down last year! xD Great list :)

    My TTT

  3. Great list! I really want to read Liane Moriarty and Laura Dave. I think it was your review of Deep End that got me to read Guaranteed to Bleed which I loved! I'm looking forward to trying that Ellery Adams series. I read one of her books years ago and enjoyed it but then for some reason never read any more of her work. I love the idea of a book themed resort.

  4. LOVE Liane Moriarty. I think I have one more of her books to go. Big Little Lies was my favorite. I really want to read Eight Hundred Grapes. Great list!

  5. This is a great list! I really enjoyed the one book by Liane Moriarity I've read. Big Little Lies is on my wish list. :-) Ellery Adams' book catches my eye from the title alone. That looks like a fun read, and a good series. The Blue is on my wish list because of your review. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Laura Dave was new to me this year as well I will read more of her books.

  7. Awesome picks^^ I haven't read any of these but Time Salvager and Heir to the Jedi are both on my tbr shelf :D They sound awesome!! I've also heard great things about Liane Moriarty so I really should check her out too! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I can't say as I recall reading any of the authors on your Top Ten Tuesday post this week, so I have some new to me authors to check out for sure.

    Here's a link to my TTT post for the week: http://captivatedreader.blogspot.com/2015/12/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-new-to-me.html

  9. I've seen you feature The Deep End and Big Little Lies quite often, I might go check those out!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

  10. I haven't read any of these but have heard good things about them. I may have to check them out!

  11. These are all new to me. I've heard of Little Big Lies and it's been on my TBR for a while. I need to read it!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday!

  12. I must admit, I have not read any of these authors yet! I have heard a lot about Little Big Lies though! And Julie Mulhern I heard of, and added one of her books to my TBR, and I think it was because you mentioned it actually! So, someday hopefully I will have read a few of these! Great list :)
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  13. I haven't read any of the Star Wars books, but one of my favorite YA Science Fiction authors Cecil Castellucci wrote one of the new canon books, Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure. Have you heard of it? I can't recommend it to my two friends who do read them (or did actually) because they are angry about the storyline changes.

  14. The Ellery Adams book looks good - gonna have to check that one out! My TTT

  15. I've been wanting to read Wesley Chu and Ellery Adams. And Julie Mulhern made my list, too!

  16. Great list! I've only read Kevin Hearne from this list, and I can't wait to try his non-Star Wars stuff. He did a good job with Heir, I hope he gets to write more for the universe in the future.

  17. I love Liane Moriarty! I want to check out Heir to the Jedi and Eight Hundred Grapes too.