Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tales From The Loop


This episode plumbs the question- would you be someonedifferent if you could be? Would you try it- just for a day? And- what if you didn't want to go back to your life? You know, the original. Just like the first episode we're treated to a moral conundrum- and the strange technology of the Loop creates a situation where impossible things happen to ordinary people.  

In this case the normal people are Jakob and Danny. Jakob is Cole's brother from the first episode, and he seems like a nice kid. He lets Danny cheat off his paper in school and generally wants to be more like his popular friend. But what if he gets a chance to do so ? Danny seems like a decent friend but there are some warning signs, and this predictably gets ugly when the two discover a sphere in the woods. I have to ask, at this point- if these mysterious objects are so dangerous, why is Russ letting them sit out there? Maybe a future episode will answer this. 

Anyway this episode was a little slower paced, a little more sedate- this isn't like Stranger Things with monsters running amok and pulsing nostalgia music. The vibe here is no less eerie though- maybe moreso given the ethical questions involved. I was fascinated and horrified by what was happening, and wanted to yell at the screen, tell Jakob not to get in the sphere. Sadly, Jakob didn't listen. 

I have to say too that everyone here is kind of off somehow? Is anyone likable? Loretta seems to be a main character but seems tone deaf when it comes to her son- Jakob literally changes right in front of her and she doesn't notice? I think this is fascinating though as no one is predictable. Also I can see that this show is going to be a tapestry of interrelated elements- stuff from one episode might pop up down the road and have major significance. And the twist in this one! Made me want to start episode three immediately! 


May and Lauren have both been bamboozled. This will, I'm sure, have a huge impact on episodes down the line. I'd be pissed! 

Will we find out why working at the Loop is considered so desirable? No mention of college. 

I love that the farm with the crescent- shaped tech ring played a role- straight from the artwork!

How would it feel to have someone else go in your house as "you"? 

Danny's sister- and the sign language- seems like it's gonna play a role.

I was waiting for Danny to get jealous that Jakob might be with Lauren- apparently not! 

Interesting that Danny can't draw in Jakob's body- it's not just the body but who you are

The elephant in the room- Jakob is now in the robot??


  1. I didn't read the spoilers because I really want to watch this. Thanks for updating and keeping it on my radar. 👍✨

  2. I wish we got this show here!

  3. I've got to try this series, it sounds like my kind of show!

  4. If this ever gets to Italian free TV I need to watch it!

  5. I wouldn't mind being someone different for a day. This show sounds like so much fun. :)

  6. This sounds like a pretty interesting series. If I ever get through my current to-be-watched list, I could see myself trying this one.

  7. Haven't we all wished we were someone else for a while. This sounds interesting.

  8. I tried the first two episodes of this but I think it might be a little too sad for my frame of mind right now. The ending of this episode was pretty cool though. And eerie.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  9. Ooh and have you tried Upload yet?? I thought it would be similar to this but saw a few reviews saying it was funny.

  10. I sometimes think that slow burn and sedate feeling is far more eerie than the pulsing music, from how you compared this and Stranger Things. Just seeing the monsters isn't really scary, it is the not knowing what you're dealing with that really drives up the fear for me.