Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Girls 23/24

Girls Vol. 4: Extinction
So this is it! The conclusion of my Girls reviews! 

The women have been abandoned in the basement to be killed by "girls" hatching- and the guys are conflicted. After killing the last of the hatchees Wes tries to reassert control and round everybody up. He finds Oscar and Chester- the latter in the process of dissecting one of the "girls"??? And Lester! I guess since he's castrated now, he's... fair game? The "girls" come and start eating him!  

Wes is seriously getting on my nerves... again. Bernard, meanwhile, has a moment with Adam after he loses faith and Adam, the skeptic, consoles him. Everyone assembles at the house and when Wes is horrible he gets clocked by Ethan! 

Nice to see someone take Wes down. Meanwhile we get this from the medical examiner.

"I found that their skin and muscular system look fairly identical to ours, but the more layers I cut through--the deeper I looked--the stranger it got. For example, their reproductive organs look almost avian"

Okay. Ying-ma, meanwhile, is being assaulted at her place and it doesn't look good. And Ethan is having a conversation with the original "girl"- but only he can see her. After they all compare notes the men start to realize- did the "girls" only want them for their sperm??? But... why? Oh, just to lay more eggs and propagate I guess?

Girls #23

We also find out that Kenny and Nancy's girl falsely accused the Pickett boy, which was alluded to in an earlier issue. 

"I don't know. I was selfish and naive. I just felt so... invisible. You were always so busy nagging at Dad. And Dad, you were always off in your own world, daydreaming. I just did it... to see if you'd care."

Well. And so off the townsfolk go, to deal with the sperm- thing. 

So... final issue. The crew are surrounded by the girls and Ethan is having a private conversation again, in his head, with the girl who first appeared. She tells him 

"Ethan, I'm serious. No more heartache, jealousy, insecurity, resentment, guilt, or anything else that needlessly fills your heart with pain. Just pure, never- ending bliss. If that's what you want, I can give that to you." 

So what exactly is she offering? What if he takes her up on the offer? He realizes though that it's too good to be true, telling her that it's part of life to suffer. Meanwhile the "girls" rush the group and they start shooting, but there's too many and Kenna, sadly, is taken to the sperm- thing. Which absorbs her. Ethan is trying to get to Taylor, who's also been taken, and he comes face-to-face with the original "girl" amidst the carnage. He talks to her and she replies by echoing his words- is she really different from the others- and he stands by while one of the townspeople kills her. 

That was a surprise. So Taylor is rescued and they blow up the sperm- thing- or attempt to- and it... leaves? The sphere is history and we find some survivors. Ruby and Ted's baby made it, somehow, and Ying-ma survived too. The sperm- thing shot a beam of light into space and a new sperm (with a "girl" inside) is heading to a new planet? Gah what does it mean? 

One of those endings. You know, where you never really find out why. Pretty annoying although Ethan and Taylor are together. So at least that happens. But this is all about the journey, not the destination. Despite a slightly whacked- out ending, this series was a trip, and I laughed (and was shocked) numerous times, so yeah.    


  1. I've enjoyed your play by play with this series😀 Maybe there will be a spin off and you'll get more answers?

  2. What a wild and crazy ride this has been. That kinda-sorta open ending would drive me insane (the Not Knowing!) but like you said, it's more about the journey.

  3. Glad that ending didn't sour you on the series. I've enjoyed reading your reviews of these crazy Girls. :)

  4. "After they all compare notes the men start to realize- did the "girls" only want them for their sperm???" they just realized this?? lol

    That is a disappointing ending but truly one of the most hilarious series of postings I've read.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Was it really more about the journey though? Haha this ending really miffed me. It was just a giant WHY and ... Yeah, this series... Was a trip. But I don't think I'm keen to read anything more like it 🤣 I mean, I'm all for the weird but I guess I like clear explanations more lol

  6. It's all about the journey, Greg. Ha ha. Yes, I know, I hate open endings, too. 😛

  7. I don't know how I missed this post! I am glad I went back to look for it, and I was laughing right along with you the whole way!

  8. 'You know, where you never really find out why' - yeah, I get the feeling that the creators don't know why either! XD