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Riverdale The Lost Weekend

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The closer we get to the finale of Riverdale season one, the more hints we get that something dark is coming. Not just the identity (finally) of Jason's killer, but perhaps a dark turn by one or more characters. Case in point: Betty Cooper. Tonight was a reminder that Betty has a dark side as Chuck Clayton re- enters the picture, and teams up with Cheryl to cause some damage. Oh and it's Jughead's birthday too- but apparently he doesn't like birthday parties? Spoilers follow for episode ten- The Lost Weekend.

So yeah- Juggy prefers the quiet celebration and Archie warns Betty he doesn't want a lot of attention, but Betty- sweet as she is- wants Jugs to feel special, especially when she finds out he's never really had a party. She sets up a little intimate soiree with just close friends but that goes out the window when a vindictive Cheryl shows up with a lot of people, including Clayton, and some kegs in tow. It's a party! And Jughead is not feeling it at all. But first- a little background. Betty confronts Clayton when he shows up and apologizes to the girl he harassed earlier, and Betty is so mad we see her clenching her fists. You know, the way she does when she's feeling the mad- and actually leaves her palms bloody. We've seen this before. And Cheryl, bless her, is on the rampage because Veronica got voted lead in the River Vixens over her.

Cheryl suggests her and Clayton crash Jugs' party, and sparks fly. Because yeah let's play some variation of Truth or Dare and reveal some secrets- and lots of stuff comes out. What I didn't understand was- if no one wants to play Cheryl's little game, why didn't Archie just kick them out? I mean she was being a bitch anyway. But then we wouldn't have all the juicy secret revealing would we?

So... things escalate and Jugs and Clayton come to blows. That means the party's over, and Jugs' dad FP is there to help break it up. He's there because Betty invited him and we see here a possible breakdown in their relationship. Jugs doesn't want to be a "project" of Betty's but thankfully by the end they patched things up. They're kind of a cute couple and if the writers had used this flimsy excuse to break them up, I would have been annoyed.

Not a lot of movement on the Jason investigation, although I think FP summarized everyone's feelings when he told Joaquin that "These kids are more on the ball than the sheriff." He's not wrong. We can see them building towards the end though with Veronica finding out that Cliff Blossom may have been responsible for her dad being in jail? And what's going to happen with Betty? Also- Archie hooks up with V???

Random Thoughts

"You catatonic bimbos didn't even vote," an irate Cheryl tells her cronies after she loses the dance off competition.   

Was Alice a Serpent at one time? At the very least we learn she's from the South side when she confronts FP in the street.  

Speaking of Alice, she's now an adviser to the Blue & Gold. Will she help Betty and Jugs find the killer? 

"I'm all about the beast within," Betty tells Jugs. Foreshadowing. 

FP actually gives Jugs good advice when he tells him to go back and work it out with Betty. We know that FP has a dark side but he's not all badness. 

Veronica wakes up the next morning and Arch slept on the floor. So we know they didn't get too carried away??

And Fred comes home- with Molly Ringwald in tow! Archie's mom is in the house. 

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