Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Dance with Dragons Cersei II/ Tyrion XI

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

This week it's time to check in with Cersei and see what she's been up to. Not much actually, as she is still in her cell waiting for her Walk of Atonement. A traumatic experience to be sure, and one that will change her- but will it really? Cersei in the books seems a bit more erratic, more dangerous, than the version on the show... and you never really know what's going to happen. And then we're going to check in with Tyrion, who last time had just bet everything on a desperate gamble to join the Second Sons. They're a mercenary group that were with Dany and changed sides- and now represent Tyrion's last hope for freedom and survival.


Cersei is afraid and debating whether she should go through with the Walk of Atonement or risk all on a trial, but she knows that won't work. You almost feel sorry for her here as the idea of walking naked through the streets clearly terrifies her, as it would anyone.

Cersei raised her head. Beyond the plaza, beyond the sea of hungry eyes and gaping mouths and dirty faces, across the city, Aegon's High Hill rose in the distance, the towers and battlements of the Red Keep blushing pink in the light of the rising sun.

It's a tough slog and she falls several times, trash is thrown at her and she's totally devastated by the end.

There will be more, and worse. These creatures have no sweeter joy in life than jeering at their betters. 


Tyrion is in the tents of the Second Sons signing papers awarding each name one hundred gold dragons. This is the price he has to pay to be free from the Yunkish and join the free company. Farther down the amount changes to one thousand coins. Then at the bottom the amounts are ten thousand coins for Kasporio and Inkpots, and one hundred thousand for Brown Ben, as well as fifty hides of land, a castle and a lordship. After he signs their book making him a Second Son, he goes through the company steel to get some armor and weapons. It's all junk basically and he has to deal with Penny complaining but he tells Jorah that the goal now is to get the Second Sons to switch sides again and join Dany.

Not a lot happens here other than Tyrion joining the mercenaries, although there is a little back and forth between him and Brown Ben Plumm. Tyrion has successfully saved them by being smart and getting them away from the Yunkish- now he has to stay alive as a member of Brown Ben's company. He'll be working with the ledgers though so that's pretty safe. And of course once he gets to Dany he may not be a Second Son for long?


  1. Too bad if not a lot happen. I haven't tried his books yet. One day for sure

  2. "You almost feel sorry for her here as the idea of walking naked through the streets clearly terrifies her,"
    That's stupid, very stupid.

    I'll speak bluntly about what's going on:
    She brought it on herself, she brought it all on herself, she was the one who made enemies to herself, coming up with her intrigues and nonsense.
    I won't say she deserved what happened, no, because I'm not the one to say she earned it, because after all the people she tortured, killed and lied to, there are no words in the English alphabet to describe the cruelties she did.
    She deserves even worse things to happen to her. Just as bad as what she did to so many people, to Eddard, the Starks, the Tyrells, Jaime, those guards who Varys put to sleep, Tyrion above all.

    Therefore she deserves worse torture than what she did to Wat the Blue Bard, and even then it's not enough.
    I t i s n o t e n o u g h!

    What I didn't like about the chapter is that the people who defeat Cersei, who bring her to ruin, are characters unknown to us readers, instead of being Eddard Stark or Robb, or Catelyn or even Stannis himself, they are characters that we can't take their side just like that, since they are characters that have just appeared, but apart from that, Cersei asked for it, and she deserves worse things than walking naked through the streets.