Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Fandom Mashup Revisited #2

Some of you may remember the old Fandom Mashups feature hosted by Micheline at Lunar Rainbows Reviews. I decided to repost a couple of those. The premise is Micheline would post a scenario and we would assemble a dream team from various fandoms to address the crisis. So... here's one of my faves. 

If you want to see the original post (from 2016!!!) click here

You've been charged with creating your own Suicide Squad: a team of villains to lead into deadly situations and hopefully save the day instead of destroying mankind. Who are you putting on the squad?   

Snake Plissken 

The baddest of the bad 

Darth Maul

With that double bladed lightsaber and those moves he's a shoo-in

Winter Soldier 

Another badass on the squad


From Continuum- she might be the most dangerous of the bunch


Of course