Friday, May 31, 2019

Sunday Post #300

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So... Sunday Post #300. Hard to believe I've been doing this so long. A big thanks to Kimba for hosting this every week- and thanks also to everyone who stops by every Sunday to say hi. I feel like I've made friends through the Sunday Post and that's pretty special. Okay- so this week I finished Westworld S2 and binged The Society. Anyone watching that on Netflix? I really like the show, but so many questions... it did get me thinking though- what would have happened if my high school class had gotten, you know, stranded with no parentals (or anyone else) around?          

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Other than that- not a lot of reading. It was a short week though. I did a Movies That Suck to celebrate the new Godzilla movie-  Monday I'll be returning to my Song Lyrics posts- and I might get a review out for After The Lights as well. 
You Owe Me a MurderAfter the Lights Go OutThe Night BeforeLimited Wish (Impossible Times, #2) 

Song of the week 




After the Lights Go Out


Here's the (by now) usual Sea of Thieves- absolutely hilarious at the 23 min mark when a kraken attacks!