Friday, April 30, 2021

Sunday Post #400

This week was pretty good. It's starting to be more like spring around here. I didn't review any books but I did post chapter 6 of To Love Is Human. And if you want to see an actual synth user guide you can go here. It's based on the AMC show Humans from a few years ago- very cool! I've also got a video from Amazon Prime about the Wilds- has anyone watched that show?- exploring whether Toni and Shelby are an astrology match. I knowww... 

This week I have two tweets for discussion.    

Anyway... this is a fabulous nighttime tour in the rain. Check out the dinosaurs (real???) at 4:50 and especially at 6:50, and also 23:12 is great.   

I'm liking the idea of sharing a tweet occasionally to generate discussion.


Song of the week



I post a lot walking videos but this one is an upscale ish residential area