Friday, September 29, 2023

Sunday Post #524


I discovered a new channel for walking tours. Vietnam Travel Guide I think used to do Japan tours but has rebranded. 

Still watching Riverdale.   

In story news I'm going to revive my On The Run series. It's kind of set in the same universe as my ongoing Joon story, but it's set out in the stars rather than Earth. I'm planning on posting both here and on Wattpad, but Joon's story will definitely be here ongoing... Here's a link to part one of On The Run if interested, Many regulars were following it but it's been a few years.... oh, and a couple characters made a cameo recently in Joon's story ch 49.    

This week's discussion post is Best Car Chases    

Here is this week's lyric. 
I'm all out of hope       
One more bad dream      

Here is the lyric f/ last week and the answer      

Wish I knew what you were looking for 
Might have known what you would find       

   Song of the week


The House Without a Key (Charlie Chan, #1)