Friday, July 1, 2022

Sunday Post #459

Hello friends and welcome to the weekend. I seem to be back on track with posting lol- this week I posted a LOT. Kinda back to normalcy? And my commenting woes continue. I see a lot of your comments are still being flagged as spam, and I don't know why. Some are regular commenters. I'll keep trying to catch those but thank you for comments! 

This week I decided to rewatch one of my favorite shows- Travelers. I'll be recapping/ reviewing the episodes too, which'll be fun. I did that for season three a couple years ago but never did for seasons one or two, so it's fun to dive back into that show. And I started Hotel Portofino as well.       

Now as to when I'll get these posts up... that's the trick. I have a set schedule, roughly, for the week but maybe Wednesdays?             

science fiction space GIF by SYFY

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