Friday, February 23, 2024

Sunday Post

There's no color guard event this week. We have an event coming up early March. Then Cincinnati later. This is Michigan State.  

This week is a story prompt based on artwork I love. I'd love every commenter to add a sentence or paragraph, or just ideas, based on the art. It can be totally different from my take! 

The flames crackled in the night as the hooded figures approached, sparks rising on th wind, even as the bodies swayed gently in the breeze. It was a cool night and the fire would be welcome as each figure came forward and added their torch to the blaze. The low chanting swelled and firelight glinted off the masks of those present. It would soon be time, she thought as she observed the gathering, and the raven on her shoulder cawed as if in anticipation.

This week I started season 2 of Vigil.      

And... Movies That Suck for the week is... Tremors      

This week's discussion post is What Urban Fantasy Creatures Do You Want To See     


Here is this week's lyric. 
Hold on this song has a little intorduction to it it ain't supposed to be sad
You might feel it that way it's a song about desperation  


Here is the lyric f/ last week and the answer      

Eastbound and down loaded up and truckin  

   Song of the week