Friday, December 2, 2022

Sunday Post #381

Thanksgiving is history and now we have the holiday season. The other thing is I decided to share a few more vacation pics since they seemed well received last week. 

This week I posted Best Music Art and will have an encore on Monday. These are both reposts from like 2019 but one thing I've discovered recently is my audience has largely changed. I still have many friends from over the years but at the same time- there are a ton of new bloggers who have never seen posts I take for granted everyone has seen. I sometimes hate to repost because it feels like cheating, but... looking back at the comments for those posts, a lot of those commenters are gone! And while wanting to resurrect Best Music art with some new picks, I realized half my audience (maybe more) has never seen the first two!  


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Monday, November 28, 2022

Tuesday Tagline #

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The robot's claws, the death gas... but there was worse to come. 

Best Music Art #1

I'm a big fan of cover art, as many of my readers know, but something I talk about less is good music art. Whether it's vinyl album art or a CD case, or just promo art to go with streaming or Internet radio, concept art can be a powerful tool for conveying an artists ideas or mood. I find that ambient music and so- called New Age music is especially rich in awesome cover art, but progressive rock and other forms of music also have great examples. 

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces of album art, and while electronic music is well represented I tried to draw from as many diverse sources as I could. Let me know in the comments which are your favorites or share your own. 

Friday, November 25, 2022

Sunday Post #480

I'm doing something a little different this week. I'm posting some old pics of vacation from a few years ago- these are favorite areas around Traverse City MI. The Old Mission peninsula and Sleeping Bear Dunes. The peninsula shots here are the very tip of the peninsula where the lighthouse is- the area fluctuates with water levels so the areas in these pics are more or less underwater now. Or were last time I was there. The pile of boulders below were right at the tip of where you could go- any further and you were in the water. When it was above water it was a great place just to sit and watch waves rolling in from three directions. 

The Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of my favorites. The grand Scenic Overlook always experiences erosion since some people feel the need to race down the 450 foot bluff and then re- climb it. Which by the way is extremely exhausting as well as not being good for the dunes. The scenic drive, as always, is amazing and really gives one a chance to experience this national lakeshore. If you ever get a chance to take this drive you really should. 

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