Friday, April 28, 2023

Sunday Post #502

This was a nice week. I did a lot of writing this week- and I now have TWO stories going. Camping of course is my new one- I posted Chapter 3 this week and will probably post a chapter a week. The other one is my Haven series, which is a little haphazard as I'm just writing them but not in order- I really need to get that organized. If you want to know what that is about the first two (from a couple years back) are here and here. And this week Movies That Suck reappeared.  

In other news below I rant some. And last week's lyric was HARD. I don't think anyone guessed it.   

16 Things Only Valley Girls Would Understand | Boredom: the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

Here is this week's lyric. 

You see, you don't have to live    

Here is the lyric f/ last week and the answer      

Lord, oh yeah     
When you need a friend       

   Song of the week


I want to highlight some art that just screams to be a story. Some of the art from Youtube ambient channels is awesome. Here's my first one. 

So here's a rant  about S2 of Welcome to Eden. What a ride? And what a completely frustrating end. Complete cliffhanger- nothing resolved. It should be against the law to end a season like that. I've seen some cliffhanger endings before but this is the absolute. Worst. 

For one thing so many things are in play and NOTHING gets resolved. And the cruelty porn is off the charts. Honestly, I need the good guys to get a win SOMETIMES. It's almost depressing. I binged it though, too, so maybe I just overloaded myself? 

Some musings. 

The scenery is beautiful. And the island is HUGE. I mean, when they escape or are hiding there are plenty of places. 


Very inconsistent. Sometimes the place is practically locked down but then people just gallivant all over the island. 

Zoa and her sister have to be careful but then they argue and embrace in front of everybody.

How'd they get Nico's body all the way out 

"He went diving" :) 

Zoa was a huge focus in S1 but here they practically never talk to her., 

  Nico tells Bel and Zoa to stay away from each other, then watches them become besties

Why doesn't anybody fight when they're to be executed? 

No one is really good here. The only ones I really like are Zoa, Bel, Mayka and Charly. 

Why the fuck did Africa save Astrid?