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Most of the books I review are books that I purchase, but if I am reviewing a book or ARC from a publisher or author I will note that in the review. I am most interested in fantasy and YA fiction but I also read contemporaries. Since blogging is a hobby, I like to read those books I am most interested in, so I reserve the right to not review a book if it doesn't fit into my schedule at the moment. My reviews are obviously subjective and reflect my thoughts and feelings on the story. I prefer original stories, neat takes on old ideas and good storytelling. I try to be fair and keep the target audience in mind when reviewing.

I will generally review books received from publishers/ authors in the order received, but am more than willing to accomodate if a specific date or publication date is requested.   

I am not accepting self- published books for review at this time.

If you wish to send me a copy of your book to review, please email me at ghill331 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I've recently added a star rating system to my reviews, just to give a better sense of how I feel about a book. Here's my scale.

 5 stars - Excellent, one of my favorite books

4 stars - Very good, possibly a favorite, and definitely a book I recommend and/ or re- read. A step above the usual.

3 stars - most books will be rated 3 here. This is a good book, one I may recommend and it may just not have made it to the next level for whatever reason.

2 stars - I didn't care for this book, it may still have appeal for someone else, but not my thing.

1 star - Dracarys

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  1. Hi, Greg. I see that you do not review self-published books, but I wonder if you have any wiggle-room in that policy for self-published books that already have a favorable Kirkus review to their name.