Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 100 3x11

So this week we have Jasper and Clarke on the run in the jeep. Jasper is clearly still pissed at Clarke- I almost forgot that little thing was never addressed. And Octavia tells Bellamy what she thinks- he doesn't get to be one of the good guys just because he turned in Pike. She says he was hurting (because of Clarke leaving?) and lashed out- and people died as a result of his choices. Um, pretty much yeah. O's about to take off when Clarke and Jasper arrive with Raven, and she stays.

Jasper and Clarke fill them in, and Clarke pulls out the Flame chip she got from Polis. Raven wakes up and sees (and thus ALIE sees) it and ALIE says oh that's my version 2 chip. Raven tries to get out to see where she is and they stop her. Clarke then says they need to go, she knows where they can get a wristband (the item they need to hopefully negate ALIE). They go to... the trading post (yay- Naila again!) but she's not very friendly, as her father was killed in the massacre. See Bellamy??? They force their way in and try to tie Raven down, but she fights and they can barely handle her.

Clarke tells Naila they need the wristband and she gets it- then they have to get it to work. Apparently they can send an EMP pulse to destroy the chip, but they need an electro magnet. Where can they get one? The Ark, of course. Too dangerous so they decide to try the dropship- Octavia and Monty go off to get. Raven meanwhile dislocates her own shoulder to try and get free- while ALIE looks on. Creepy bitch! She reopens her wound and they have to calm her down- Clarke tells ALIE/ Raven that she'll never get the chip if she lets Raven bleed, and ALIE acquiesces.

Raven then goes to work on Clarke, asking her if she sees the faces of the people she's killed, blah blah. Still going down this road, I wish they'd get over it. And... it works. Raven pushes Clarke's buttons, Clarke freaks and says they're going to fry ALIE, and from that ALIE figures the plan out. Sigh. Monty and Octavia get to the dropship and discuss O's plan to leave. "You're one of The 100," Monty tells her. Maybe best line of the night? Meanwhile Clarke and Bellamy talk- Bellarke again! All too brief.

Monty gets what they need but Octavia is suddenly missing- and then Bitch Unit Alpha shows up (aka Monty's mom). First of all, I don't think there's any way the Arker could get to the dropship that fast. But whatever- ALIE has BUA in her control and she tries to get Monty to swallow the chip. Octavia helps and BUA turns on her, and is about to kill her- forcing Monty to shoot his mom. And kill her. Wha????? ALIE you've gone too far.

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Raven knows they're on their way back (thanks to ALIE) so she goes to work on Jasper and Bellamy, trying to push their buttons too. What kills me is they all hear Raven talking and they could easily gag her, but they don't, Which is a mistake because Naila hears that Bellamy was in on the massacre and ta da ALIE knows where they are. I hate ALIE. Why is this show so good at making me hate these people? Anyway ALIE realizes Raven is compromised when they're about to EMP her, and has Raven try to kill herself. Clarke says she'll give ALIE the version 2 chip if she relents. and she does. But Clarke lied (I like Clarke). But wait... the battery's not stong enough. Naturally.

They manage to zap her after getting the battery from the jeep and... it works? Jasper tries to destroy the chip and Clarke freaks- because Lexa is in there. Then she realizes... maybe the chip has to physically be removed from Raven. She incises where Lexa's chip was removed and what's left of it oozes out (nice) and Raven is okay. Finally some good news? Although Monty is hurting - the nicest guy on the show, too bad.

Bellamy and Clarke have a moment, and he asks her "What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?" and Clarke answers "Maybe there are no good guys." Is that the theme of this show, or what? So... Raven says she knows the version 2 AI is the only way to stop ALIE, so looks like it's war... Bellamy, O, and the rest. Good to have the gang back together.


  1. This episode actually kind of renewed my interest in the show. I've been feeling a bit meh about this entire season. But like, Raven being a bitch to Clarke was EVERYTHING. (I know that she wasn't herself but still) I really freaking dislike Clarke, so I'm glad that she got upset by what Raven said xD I'm so mean haha

    Molly @ Molly's Book Nook

    1. This was definitely a change of pace episode, and I thought Raven did a GREAT job being a bitch. lol. She has a future there. :) Seriously though I know Clarke has issues- I like her but they've done some interesting things with her I haven't always liked.

    2. I just hate how it's still somehow revolving around her, when really, she's nobody. Just, go away, you have nothing to do with the plot anymore besides your lesbian love affair. And I just hate how she always things she's in charge and is doing the right thing to save her "people" - who she abandoned? I just can't stand her xD

  2. I got home from vacation to realize that the last two episodes were not recorded! Ugh and my On Demand does not have the show. I could find it elsewhere I am sure, but just read your updates and am ready to watch tonight's show even though I am still so mad about Lincoln's death. I loved the Murphy clip about the things he has survived!

  3. WHY is ALIE still around? Like, I was bored of the City of Light nonsense a year ago, so why are we still here? I mean, granted, she did do us a solid and get rid of Monty's Mom, but at the expense of what I assume will be Monty's mental health. Poor Octavia too, my heart just breaks every time I look at her. Then I get mad at The 100 in general for killing Lincoln.

    I LOVED that they got rid of ALIE from Raven with a Jeep battery! Because also... WHERE did they get the Jeep battery to begin with!? BWHAHAH this show. I love it but come on. I also feel like Niylah looks a LOT older than the last time we saw her? Maybe I just don't remember her that well, who knows.

    Raven was CRAZY good in this episode. Like, she should win awards or something, her performance was EPIC. I feel like I want to rewatch THIS episode, because I wasn't really a fan of last night's? I don't know. I look forward to your thoughts on that too, because I don't know WHAT mine are hahah. Great recap as always!! (Whatever will we do without BUA? Answer: Get back to our hatred of Jaha, I think it suffered there for awhile when we hated her!)

    1. I know, it's obvious the ALIE/ City of Light is going to dominate what's left of the season, which sucks but whatever. Yay for Monty's mom being gone, although Monty having to do it? sigh. And I think you pointed out to me there were, shall we say, off screen reasons that may have led to Lincoln's leaving. I wouldn't have known any of that, but it irritates me cause it doesn't feel like it served the show.

      A jeep battery- I know. Silly people. Who's writing this stuff lol? And you're right- Naila does look older. Hmm...

      Raven was awesome! And the last episode... seriously? This show... although Clarke and Bell together- kinda nice. This show makes me hate people! Like when Emerson met his fate- I was like YEAH suffer. Not sure this show is healthy for me lol.