Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The 100 3x09

After a few weeks off we have the return of The 100. About time too, after that cliffhanger end we had last time. This show is out of hand. That's all I'm going to say- totally out of hand. But we'll get there... first things first. 

Clarke and Murphy are hanging out in Polis when the conclave to choose Lexa's successor begins. Titus shows up and tries to get them to sneak out, to honor his pledge to Lexa, but Clarke says no she wants to see Aden. She wants to be sure Aden wins the conclave. She talks to Aden and asks if he will still protect her people if he's selected- and he tells her they all will. Lexa made all the novitiates promise to protect Clarke and her people. See? Lexa rocked ass.

Then... Roan shows up, along with Ontari who promptly attacks Clarke. Titus stops her and Roan tells her to stand down, but she threatens Clarke. We then switch over to Lincoln and Kane in lock up, and Linc is keeping his peoples' spirits up. Then Pike comes and announces they will all die, and Lincoln asks him not to hold them accountable. Bellamy backs him up, and Pike agrees to only kill Kane, Sinclair and Lincoln. Gee, nice guy- thanks for the favor. 

Bellamy and Monty come to see Harper and Nate and they disable the listening devices that were planted on them. Bellamy says they're ready to help free Kane and the others, but they need someone on the outside to hand them off to. Nate and Harper don't trust them, so Bellamy tells them to have Octavia meet him at the dropship. Octavia shows and promptly puts Bell to sleep with someone she sticks in his neck. Okaaaay. Clarke meanwhile asks Titus if Lexa is really in the AI chip , and he says of course she is. Clarke is worried about Ontari winning, but Titus says the spirit of Lexa will choose Aden. then the victory horn sounds and they rush to see what's happening. Oh not much, other than Ontari just BEHEADED Aden and all the other novitiates. WTAF?

Like I said, this show is our of hand. But there's more. Bellamy wakes up and is with Octavia and Indra. Octavia plans to rescue Lincoln and the others and Bellamy wants to help, but she doesn't trust him. Nate and Bryan have a moment and Nate confirms that Bryan planted the bug -he says Bryan has to choose between him and Pike. Kane is allowed to meet with Abby (there she is!) and she says she won't allow this to happen, but he asks her not to do anything. Roan shows Clarke how to get away and says his debt to Lexa is paid- but instead of leaving she goes back for the Flame. 

It's execution time. Pike is taking the prisoners away and Harper shows up. "Package is on the move," she comms to Octavia- but Monty's mom overhears. Damn it! Monty is stricken as she tips off Pike, and Bryan and Gillmer are left on the door. Meanwhile Clarke gets the Flame but Titus tries to stop her. They argue and Clarke realizes there is one more novitiate, who ran away and Lexa protected. Ontari shows up and Titus sends her off with Murphy, and gives the AI chip to Clarke to take to Luna, who is the last novitiate. He helps Clarke get out and tells her she is the guardian of the Flame now. 

Pike is sweeping Arkadia but can't find Octavia, and the prisoners have given him the slip, at least for now. Octavia hid them in the hideaway she used on the Ark (hello call out to season one!) and Abby and Nate show up to help. Harper comms Octavia but Monty and his mom hear as they are monitoring communications. Monty tells the guards the escapees are heading for the main gate (they're not) to give them a chance and him and his mom are on opposing sides now. Pike puts the camp on lockdown and the escapees are about to get out but Abby says she's staying. Kane kisses her (aww.. what do we call this, Kanby?) and then the bad stuff happens. Pike announces that the other Grounder prisoners will die if they don't turn themselves in, so Lincoln gives himself up. 

Ontari is bathing for her purification ritual and spars verbally with Murphy a bit (I don't get why he would be allowed to attend her), but then someone comes and she gets out of the tub, catches Murphy looking at her, and smirks. Murph and Ontari? Hey now. The someone though is Roan and he has Titus. They argue about the Flame and Titus throws himself on Roan's dagger (so he can't give up Clarke?). Ontari tells Roan to announce her ascension even though they don't have the Flame- and she orders Roan to find Clarke. 

Kane and the rest escape, but Octavia wakes up and sees... Lincoln's execution. Seriously? Way to manufacture drama people. Like I said, out of hand. Linc will be missed though, and this totally guts Octavia. No wonder Twitter blew up Thursday night (I didn't see it til Friday). And in all seriousness it was powerfully done. Octavia will kill Pike I have no doubt- but what will this do to Bellamy and O's relationship? Granted it was not in the best place before this, but now- one can certainly argue that without Bellamy being such an ass none of this might have happened. Will she blame Bell? And where is Luna? 


  1. I got so behind in this show. I watched the first season and then kind of drifted away. Sounds like a few characters I remember are still alive!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. This episode was shocking to say the least. I hated, hated, hated the ending. I still can't believe Pike did that (Oh, did I mention that I hate him too?) I still think the previous seasons were best, but this is starting to come around.

  3. Seriously, Ontari keeping Murphy around as she's doing makes zero sense haha. I'm curious whether Octavia will ever forgive Bellamy. I mean I think she will at some point, but WOW has he effed things up. And yeah, this show is beyond out of control. Control shouldn't even be mentioned in the same paragraph as this show.

  4. GAH the part with Aden and the kids is AWFUL. Like, just the thought makes me want to throw up- I think I have blocked it out mostly. And then Lincoln... I CAN'T. I will never be okay, this show may be actively trying to kill me. No lie.

    Kane and Abby's ship name is Kabby, apparently haha. I like it. Especially since (pre-last episode) they were the only two adults with any actual reasoning and common sense. Is Abby too old to reproduce? Because if not, they really should. Why are there ZERO babies on this show? Someone needs to start making some, because there are lots of deaths and NO babies. Speaking of- have they ever talked about birth control? HEY Octavia should be pregnant with Lincoln's baby! Like Annie and Finnick! Someone call the writing team, STAT!