Monday, April 4, 2016

Cover Characteristics #22

Cover Characteristics is a meme by Sugar and Snark- every week a characteristic is selected and we post 5 books with that week's theme.  

This week's pick- ?  

This week there is no topic so I'm just doing a freebie. My topic - Steampunk. I've always liked the idea of steampunk and clockwork fantasy but finding books that I like in that category is a little tougher. I've read a handful though and will probably try more at some point. 

I like the idea of a fantasy world with steampunk elements- airships, strange cities, maybe clockwork automatons- moreso than alternate history where it's like Paris in the 1890's but with goggles and stuff. I would rather have an all new world with those elements but that's just me. Do you like steampunk- and if so would you rather have a fantasy world or an alt history ?    

Gears of Brass - Book Cover

This is actually a cover for Halestorm CD. I like the steampunk elements.   


This one's okay, not bad. I like the airship (dirigible?) and the clockwork or gear elements. 

This one's not bad, i like the sense that they're surrounded and it's kinda dark. You can't really tell it's steampunk (other than the goggles) but according to Goodreads it is. 

Don't know much about this one but I kinda like it. The cat is interesting along with her weapon, but not crazy about the background. 

This looks like a middle grade but I like this cover. She looks like screw this I'm killing something and I like the sword, the lamp and the night scene.  

Nice! This is my favorite definitely. Cool dress, love the green and she appears to be holding some kind of jewel or charm- whatever it is, it's giving off magic looks like. 

This one's alright, looks very generically steampunk

This one's nice too, I like her goggles and the green and it looks like she's inside a ship or something. All the covers in this series are pretty good. 

I read the first book in this series but have not read this one. I've seen it in the store though and the cover does look nice, it's just not my favorite. I never saw many reviews of these but the first one was okay. They're YA. 

I kinda like the style of these covers but this one is not my favorite. I do like that she's in a kind of gallery though, apparently.  

Maybe my second favorite. I like that they're underwater (I think) and she seems to be steering, plus there's a porthole type thing going on back there. I like it. 

This one is an anthology and I kinda like her costume with the bracers and the whole thing. Plus it looks Victorian in the background.  

Gears of Brass - Book Cover


  1. They actually ended up putting up a post, probably after you already made this one, but I just went with their topic because I couldn't handle the indecision of choosing for myself lol. But this is a great topic! See, you already know I never end up liking steampunk, but I freaking LOVE steampunk covers. Maybe that's why I continue to try the genre even though I never end up liking it? Anyway, the fashion is just awesome, though that might not be why you love the covers lol.

    Lumiere is definitely my favorite too. The whole thing is gorgeous. Rise of the Arcane Fire is also great, even though it doesn't have any fashion on it :-P I also really like the Vampire Empire one. Maybe I should read that one, I might like steampunk more if vampires were involved, haha.

    Great picks!

    1. I think vampires and steampunk would be a great combo! I would read that. Like you, I tend t find steampunk books a little lacking, not sure why. I want to like them though lol.

      I did see the topic but this one was already done and I didn't feel like doing another one. :P At least we have topics! I liked Lumiere the best definitely, and Rise of the arcane is nice, it's different than a lot of covers. There is something about the covers that appeals to me even if I don't end up loving the books, you know? And The Vampire Empire one is nice...

  2. You always rock these posts. I love steampunk covers, they are always so interesting the more clockwork and gears the better.

    1. Thanks Heidi. I agree, I like all the clockwork/ gear stuff.

  3. Steampunk has SUCH amazing covers! Although I don't read many, I like the covers!!

  4. That Gears of Brass book has a BEAUTIFUL cover. I love it! Steampunk covers are so awesome. Also, I love Halestorm! :D

  5. I read the first 2 Vampire Empire books. There are airships but that's the only steampunk elements I remember.

  6. These covers are all so awesome! I recently read my first steampunk-ish novel (Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth) and am really looking forward to reading more!

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

  7. Oh yes, I'm always a fan of the steampunk look (and genre)! All the gears and airships and clockwork things (:
    Hmm, I think I like both fantasy world or alternative history, just depends on the story. Great post, Greg!

    Cyn @ Bookmunchies

  8. Love all these steampunk covers! Especially the Rise of Arcane Fire one.

  9. I love that you chose Steampunk! Sorry my post was so late but glad you joined in :)

    Sugar & Snark